I'm skeptical about personality tests. My friends kept asking about my MB-whatever type so I gave in. The INTP profiles tell me I'm skeptical about the credibility of everything.

Y'know what, I do understand my faults better.


lexie.white says...

I was really skeptical of MBTI when I first discovered it as well, and that was because initially I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE to attempt to confine every person in the world to just one of sixteen personality types, but as I continued to learn more about the concept I realized it's not as dogmatic as I thought. I actually think MBTI has its major benefits, but at the same time it has its downfalls. For example, when I learned my type I grew to really accept myself for who I am and be proud of it. On the other hand, learning I was an INTP made me somehow feel like if I didn't conform or adhere to all the INTP traits it meant that I was in fact a different personality type, which of course is ridiculous and untrue. Not all INTPs are scientists, not all INTPs are socially awkward dorks, and not all INTPs have to conform to the stereotypes that are held against them. Same goes for any other personality type, because no two INTPs are exactly alike, nor are any two ESFJs exactly alike, etc. That's the thing that you have to remember when taking this test, in my opinion.

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