First of all

Some people(probably sensors) see me as if i have the head in the cloud because i have high goals and say things that appear to be impossible but actually when we look at all the things that have been made by great people were at first seen as impossible

where i'm unsure is if i'm a sensor or an intuit, because i work hard to achieve all the things others might see as impossible but i just know it can be done and it's not only imagination it's a goal

now, if i'm a sensor i know it must be the extraverted S because i'm clearly not the type of sensors that are step-by-step or
that keep up with tradition , i like to try new things and do things differently ,

and i know i could be a S because i know i am practical in situations that need one to be resourceful like stuck in the forrest E.g

By practical i don't mean the tried-and-true i mean the i-come-up-with-something-that-suits-the-situations-with-the-informations that-my-senses-see

and sometimes it might seens as foolish and rediculous but damn it works most of the time

i like to experience alot to physically , motorcylcing , football , go karting well you got the idea but i'm sure it's not only the sensors that find motorcycling super cool

and i could be a Intuit too but now i don't if it would be extraverted or introverted because because both of the descriptions could fit

althought i am most likely to be Ne because Ni means that i would be a Judger, and i'm pretty sure that i'm a perceiver

So Ne it would be ... but the thing is i'm not an idea-generator . like i don't think about something new to do all the time
and i like to make sure what i want become real

it is true that i'm may have a thing for off-beat ideas E.G like the other day i went to a Hotel plugged to a church and as i walked down the corridor that linked the church to the hotel there was a church-melody played with an organ and
i had shoes with hard flat sole and i wasnt alone but it was so quiet so each step i made was pretty loud throughtout the building and as i finally arrived at the end of the corridor ( it was the door that lead to the church ) so i was face the alley that is between the seats of the church and i saw everyone's back head in that moment i just felt like a sort of Hitman
that going to pull out a ak-47 of his cloak and kill everybody with chuch song as background melody .. i laughed so hard all alone but ....anyways

so if you guys could help with your guidance it would be very appreciated

also every girlfriend i met told me i was a very sensible guy and very warm it's true but does it make a me Feeler ? because i just can't see me as Fi , because i know i'm not Fe as i would have me be a Judger and i sure am a perceiver (:

and also i'm not afraid of showing emotions , when i love . i LOVE and i'm very affectionnate

find it sad that some people are uncomfortable with sharing emotions , i find nothing about it that is uncomfortable

Thank you (:


WindowSeal (not verified) says...

nfp probably.

Also you sound like a nice guy.

Do you you think you are an enfp?

tommytardif1 says...

hmm i don't know , it's possible but i'm not sure

why would it be Ne over Se ?

tell me about it :)

tommytardif1 says...

what i'm pretty sure about is my decision making is firstly internally

so Ti or Fi

by reading the description of them both

Ti is much more alike to me

but getting Fi with a Se or Ne as primary function ... it may be possible

so i think it would be really between all EP's type but then again i can't be so sure

although if it can help the SJ could the ones that is impossible for me to be

Si plus Te or ne is just not me

and with me being very close to my feelings and able to share emotions does that make me a non-ti user ?

also i've observed that when someone is upset i can sense it right away , i don't know maybe all types can do that it may be just a human thing haha but i hope i helped you to help me (::

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