Some of us are feeling pretty down. I understand! There is a lot of negative energy floating around out there right now. We, the compassionate ones of the world, feel this very deeply. It's a hard time to be alive for sure...however, what an exciting time to be alive! We can come together like never before. I just found out I am a INFP. I discovered this knowledge on the internet. It fits me nothing has before. No horoscope, palm reading or psychic ever came close to the truth I found in all the research I've done on INFP personality traits. It nails me so completely I'm blown away. I really wish I'd known this sooner, it would have saved a lot of heart break... I wish there was a personality test to get married instead of a blood test...wait not instead of, In addition to. We would have known we were not right for each other.
Anyway my point is this. I'm so glad I've discovered this insight! I would love to meet others like me who get the compassion, understand that we are all one and what we do for someone else we do for our selves. Us INFP's gotta stick together and remember our path, our quest for knowledge and the undying faith the we CAN make a difference!


c.kleynhans says...

I felt the same way when I did the test a while back. Just WOW! This is me, an INFP. I don't have to be any other way than just my true self and being aware of my 'loops'. And I agree with the rest... I would,;) because we think the same about life. INFP's unite!

andsail says...

Glad for this post. When you think that we are only 4% of the population it is unlikely that we will meet our match just by chance. Also being an infp'er we're more likely to attract needy people rather than other infp's. I also would like to connect to other infp folks as it can get pretty draining at times. Look forward to hearing from others.

lisamarie1108 says...

I feel exactly the same way! Really good to know that I am not some kind of weird loner because I like to take time outs a lot etc.

INFP's unite :-)

dunkie22 says...

As I was just identified, many of my behaviors make sense. I like being alone. I live with my gf, but I often spend time in my "cave". I like people, but can only handle being around them for so long. I have some friends that I hang out with each Saturday. We go on vacations together. They want to go on a cruise or go to Las Vegas. I said yes, but then I said no way. I like going to the mountains in Colorado or getting a house away from others surrounded by nature. I think better and am more at peace when alone. So, you are not alone. DOH! loner..but not alone..go figure.

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