Hello, i am a thirteen year old intp and am interested in learning something new, but I have no idea what. Do any intps out there have any suggestions on something specific to learn?


Lilies (not verified) says...

Have fun!! You have so many good choices!

When I started college I wanted to take every course in every department EXCEPT phys Ed and agriculture.
Fortunately, my parents were tolerant of my 5-1/2 year adventure in undergrad, while I was majoring in performing arts and lab sciences with lots of electives.

Go to a good library. Pick a department. Find an interesting book. Start there. Not interesting enough? Pick a different book.

I had an interesting and happy career in academic medical research. Now I'm recently retired.

I married an E, and we have an E son and an I daughter. We travel a lot.
My main hobbies now are music performance and understanding the financial markets.

It's still fun to pick a random book or website and learn something new.

My friends are a mix of Es and Is, but I only know 1 other INTP. He's married to a good friend of mine. We give each other ideas of good books to read.
INTPs are almost never bored, because they can always think about interesting ideas, even when the people around them are discussing the weather and the food.

paulinamorales2218 says...

Thank you for the advice :)

nerdome (not verified) says...

I'm also bored so I've decided to give myself 5 minutes to name as many things as possible for you to look at.

1. Any language ever. Even Latin
2. dressmaking
3. how was india established as a nation?
4. What is the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim?
5. Conspiracy theories
6. How to write a song
7. What chemicals can be found in make up throughout history
8. Castles are cool.
9. How is a President elected?
10. English monarchy. Be prepared for incest.
11. Your own Genealogy
12. Why is the metric system not used in the united states?
13. Research the Meyers-Briggs test and the history behind it. (fun fact isabel Meyers-Briggs was an INFP)
14. How to play an instrument
15. Did the Titanic have to sink?
16. Learn to build a website
17. Learn the actual rules for monopoly
18. Write a stand-up routine
19. Learn the history of the pizza
20. Learn how to do intricate nail art
21. How was Vine invented?
22. Who was Nicolaus Tesla?

Time is up. I hope this was helpful.

paulinamorales2218 says...

Thank you very much, these do sound very interesting

Jasper_Trapped (not verified) says...

Hey i know this convo was active a little while ago, but i'm going throught he same thing. im bored and want to know more. ive been surfing this site: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/. it's all free and has so many different categories. i also went to philosophy, there are so many fields and sub fields, science and not. also i love languages. im studying linguistics which is the study OF language and it's so great. i've found that i love patterns and doing experiments with language, theories, and even people. try the Myers Briggs personality types: https://www.16personalities.com I'm kind of obsessed. learn about the types and type your friends, your relationships, your family, work out why you like and dont like some people. it's great
but just keep looking. and when you've found something. dont stop looking, cos even if you are passionate, you'll want more.

paulinamorales2218 says...

Thanks for the advice! I definately have some interesting topics to learn about now.

Maggie S (not verified) says...

I am a 16 year old intp and I am actually in a pretty similar position to you, where I am fully aware I have the capacity to gain a lot of interest in things, but for whatever reason I really have to go looking for them! A few things that are really fun to me/ have gotten me into stuff/ have helped me:
-Google search `interesting/ odd wikipedia articles` because there are a Ton of lists and it's a great way to soak up knowledge. Hitting the `random article` button on the website also helps but you go through a lot of boring stuff
-Take a World History class when you get into high school, go for AP if think you can handle the work. Having a strong base in historical knowledge has helped me to find some super cool stuff.
-Think of some of the last things you learned that stuck with you or something that has recently interested you (maybe it was an interesting video on how David Lynch directs the visuals in his films). Now try to pursue the concept behind that (look up his movies and watch them, look up other directors and their styles, look for youtube channels that analyze cinema in depth). It`s a really good tool I use to try to focus on one thing and get the best out of it!
-This isn't necessarily fun, but: As an intp student, the internet has been a better school to me than my actual classes. When learning things, it is vital that I ask questions and get quick answers, but in school I tend to be really reserved, and its hard for me to build up the initiative to ask questions. When I get home though, I try to spend time researching the things my teachers talk about. Indulge yourself in it!! It has made school a lot less stressful, and knowing more about the backgrounds of what teachers talk about has helped me to build personal relationships with them, which in turn makes it easier for me to ask questions during class time.
*I`m just gonna put a ton of quick things that have personally interested me, maybe you will find them cool/ funny:
-wikipedia articles to look up: anti-tank dog, worlds littlest skyscraper, embalming (read the notable embalmings), Jeremy bentham (he was a pretty all around interesting guy for his lifetime, but definitely look at the stuff that happened when/ after he died), Gay Bomb
-Try to learn everything about the French Revolution
-If you are musical, ukulele is really easy and if you want to learn a song it is very easy (ukutabs is a good website)
-look at the Imdb list of top rated movies, and try to watch them. Some great movies are Good Will Hunting, Forrest Gump, Office Space, Inception, Memento
-My favorite TV shows: The Office, Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, Parks & Rec
-Find a good podcast! I listen to This American Life and it is really interesting
-Try to photoshop something! Use Pixlr or Ipiccy and figure out how it works. try photoshopping your friend`s face onto a duck. or put a galaxy in a picture of the sky.
-Find a good recipe to make from stuff you have around the house. Or if you can, learn a super fancy recipe and ask to get ingredients from the store. There are a ton of desserts you can make on the spot if you have basic baking ingredients!
-Create a road trip itinerary, whether it be a trip out o town or around the world. I have one for traveling around the US. Learn about places that sound interesting and figure out how to fit those places into the trip schedule. This isn't necessarily a Plan so much as a way to learn about a lot of cool places. And if you decide to make a really local itinerary, maybe you can convince your family to actually do it one day!

Guest (not verified) says...

The one problem that can plague INTP's is that once you realize you could master the subject if you applied more to it, it is cast away. It makes it quite difficult to find something that will become a longer passion. But trust me, you will figure out what you want to learn about. And that is everything. It has become one of my greatest weaknesses. Feeling the need to learn more about something when I need to stop learning and finish the job.

Guest (not verified) says...

Just discovered I am INTP. Still some doubt of the full description. I fell in love with Genetics, Plant Developmental Biology and Systemic Biology. Made it till the PhD and after 10 years I still feed myself everyday with the challenging logic of genetics and the beauty of plants.

Pranav Ghandade (not verified) says...

Now you are another reflection  of me. EXACT to your words i am an INTP 

, but what really intrigues my mind is that you are the only person whom i have met share so much in common  YES I TOO LOVE GENETICS AND OTHER STUFF RELATED  TO HUMAN BODY JUST LIKE YOU AND ON TOP OF THAT YOU ARE AN INTP LIKE ME TOO. 

WOW  amazingly similar.

strugglingpanda says...

Well, I think it's quite weird if you run out of some new things to learn (or at least know about). They said intps are those who have unlimited interests. When I was your age, 10 years ago, I thought I won't be having enough time before I die (or before I got into the career world) to learn all those things inside my head. nerdome and Maggie S have told you some of them, in details. I really wished to learn how to do basketball, soccer (or football), futsal (indoor soccer), tennis, badminton, swimming, make a poet, read a poet, make drawings, graphic design, write novels (thriller, adventure and fantasy kinds), make a play script, be a play director, make a comic book, play a guitar, play drums, play a violin, play a harp, write songs, involved in student organizations, start a boycott over unfair and possibly corrupted school's policies, understand human biology, learn history (western european and middle eastern specifically), learn japanese culture, understand international politics, while at the same I need to understand how this life and world works (these all happen before I figure out the truth of my religion, Islam). I can go on and on and on actually. I really did some of them, but I can only do them so so. In average quality. Although my friends said that I had a raw talent on doing those things.

So, happy searching! Good luck!

Roman Bogdanov (not verified) says...

2 things are most important first relationships then money. I lost a lot of time before I understood this. Relationships are difficult cause youre intp. I recommend learning Pickup. Second I wasted all my precious time learning about everything else before my finances forced me to start taking care of them. I recommend you start earning early sooit will become easier with time. 

Good luck

Spook Flytalker (not verified) says...

Check out psychologist Jordan B Peterson on youtube, also the podcast Hardcore History which has episodes on youtube.

Didn't Care 'Til You Were Wrong says...

I know the feeling man. Sometimes I just want to learn things, and have no idea what to start researching. I guess I'll just provide a list of some of my current interests (they change every two weeks, I swear) and you can look into any that catch your eye.


-Typology (Though you might already be interested in this, considering where we're having this discussion :P)

-Tiki carving

-Abnormal psychology and mental disorders

-The science & ramifications of artificial intelligence

-Forensics & criminal psychology

-History of any sort

-The chemistry and engineering behind everyday products (did you know silly putty gets it's texture thanks to boron?)

-Medieval armament & tactics


-The evolution of language

-Coffee roasting

-Vocal characteristics & their causes


-Speech patterns and writing style patterns between MBTI types

-Theoretical responses to any sort of apocalypse or disaster scenario

-First Aid

-Science fiction!!!!!


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