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Jack Pool (not verified) says...

As I have begun to mature, I've developed emotional problems regarding myself and my environment. I am nearly sixteen years old, and recently I have begun to feel "displaced", as if I could just as easily be made of metal and circuits as I am of flesh and bone. Not only am I uncomfortable with who and where I am, I tend to feel uncomfortable in my own body. I would say that my current environment causes these feelings, since nearly everyone around me thinks and behaves completely different from me, as well as the fact that I don't feel as independent as I feel I should be. These conditions leave me feeling trapped somewhat disgusted at most everyone else when I am not alone. Do you have some advice I could use?

marcosfabrication says...

Dig into something you like besides people, ya dig?

Devyn (not verified) says...

I completely understand. I always feel so akward and out of place in my own body, I think what you need to do is try to feel good about yourself and care less about what other people think. I know it's cliche but just remember that they can't see your insecurities. Think back to grade school. Remember that one big oral presentation that everyone was nervous about. Yet up in the front of the class no one seems that nervous. Afterward they tell you how scared they were the whole time and you realize that it's all in your head. Everyone is so worried about themselves that they don't notice you are worried about yourself too.

desiree_duka says...

how did you figure out your career path? any tips on making friends?

Ynez (not verified) says...

I also have trouble making friends
i guess that's part of being an INTJ

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