Iam not like Hillary Clinton.

She has low standards and no sense of morality or ethics

I have high standards and a sense of morality and I have eithics


Grace Elizabeth (not verified) says...

I agree fullyyyyyy

Nate C (not verified) says...

Well then, let’s hope you’re not like Trump either. You claim some standard of morality and ethics, so you can’t be. Let’s not single out one rung of the ladder without discussing the (binary) lower rungs. 

PCP (not verified) says...

Oh Grace - do you know her?  Seems like you may not be an INTJ - you don't seem very capable of understanding the complexity associated with a personality type.  There is much more that goes into a person than these few metrics along with the fact that Hillary functions on a level of social management that very, very few ever encounter.  Hillary is forced to make extremely complex decisions on a daily basis that go beyond normal morality and ethics.  If you were really an INTJ, I think you would intuitively understand that.  I would suggest trying the test again and being honest with yourself.

Zack1123 (not verified) says...

How do you know? The items in which you mention difference are in the realm of axiology, which aren't something categorically defined by INTJ (or most other) typologies.

Ailius (not verified) says...

He certainly seems to match the "J" part.

I'm inclined to agree with him too. Hillary Clinton was a professional politician and has explicitely stated she had a public persona she put on for branding purposes. I highly doubt she is introverted. The 'default' personality for politicians is ENTJ, so the assessment of her public persona only one dimension off.

DoniDarkos (not verified) says...

So? What is the point of this discussion? A way to start a political shenanigans? I really have a hard time grasping the "intent" of this post seriously

MaxiMQode says...

Iam not like Hillary either! :)
God bless us. :D

But seriously, I think an INTJ is more likely to be the mind not the hand. Isn't it correct??

Kitteh (not verified) says...

:')) I instantly felt the same way <3 


Jolly Holly (not verified) says...

Hmmm, I am a 50-year old female INTJ and I agree about Hillary not seeming like an INTJ.  Before I even start, you can relax all of you who will tell me I can't really know her. Obviously I understand that I am seeing her public persona (duh), but I have been watching her for over 25 years and there has been a LOT of footage out there to consume of her doing interviews, debates, etc..  And remember, we INTJs, are dominant perceivers (not Judgers) and are excellent at perceiving underlying meaning because our dominant function is introverted intuition.  If you know the MBTI cognitive functions well (and I do) and watch a person a lot (and I have), I believe you can get an accurate idea of which type they are. 

I admit that I can see some similarities with INTJ (e.g. she's definitely a Judger and Thinker and probably an introvert) but I have always doubted she is an intuitive.  There are too many INTJ qualities that seem to be missing in her to be strong in the Ni-Te duo.  Albeit, these qualities are probably things that only an MBTI expert or another INTJ would pick up on.

First of all, where is her confidence with her Extrovert Thinking on her vision for the future?  What was her vision???  It's just not there. Yes, she is arrogant, but that is the opposite of deep confidence.  An INTJ with her background would have acquired such a strong, quiet confidence, especially by her age, by vast mastery of intellectual knowledge that she would be able to speak with ease and INSPIRE and LEAD.  An INTJ in her position would be such a master of her subject matter that she would ooze passion and vision.  When we INTJs know our stuff, we can talk fluently and comfortably about it at length.  But she really struggles in articulating her future vision.  In fact, I kept watching for her to tell it to us in the last election but it never happened.  The Hillary vision is just NON-EXISTENT.   I believe this is because her Te is focused on Sensing, NOT Intuition.  She comes across very weak with the inspiring, future-solution-thinking type of style. 

INTJs are visionaries and naturally, deeply passionate about their ideas for the future.  We NEED to look forward and be creative in big ways.  We NEED to do things that have never been imagined, hence the reason so many of us are scientists and programmers, both very creative pursuits.  You all thinking about her healthcare plan, don't even go there.  That is nothing compared to the visions we INTJs have.  That's just policy slightly remixed and regurgitated from the status quo.  She is like a wet noodle when it comes to having a strong vision.  She is MUCH more comfortable with the status quo (like a Sensor).  A true INTJ would LOATHE the status quo.  We want to change the world in huge ways!  I don't want to sound cruel but from an INTJ perspective on that visionary trait, she just seems downright ignorant, even stupid.  Listening to her stump speeches, I was thinking, Come ON!  Is that all you've got??!!   I was frankly very disappointed.  Bernie FAR surpassed her on the vision and inspiration!  I think if you want to see vision and intution in action, look at Bernie Sanders.  I believe he is an NT or NF.  But not Hillary.

Sensors are not meant to be visionaries.  And she is definitely not a visionary.  So, that's my biggest red flag.  I am sure the Sensors reading this that love her will consider her to be very visionary but trust me, she's not.  It's all relative.  When comparing her to myself and other INTJs I have known, she's small potatoes.  That's why she doesn't inspire anyone (except with regard to her gender). 

Oh yeah and that's another thing that does not fit an INTJ.  An INTJ woman would not feel entitled to votes simply for being a woman.  That would be insulting to the intelligence of an INTJ.  We expect to be respected for our intellect, achievments, knowledge and our strategy and keen vision for the future (gender is not earned and is therefore irrelevant to making a decision, so nothing to feel proud of).  An INTJ cares about the character of a person and their ideas solutions and vision, not their gender. When I saw her asking for votes because she's a woman, I just shook my head.  Don't get me wrong, as a woman, I would love to see a woman in the white house, but not unless she's got vision and can inspire true change.  Hillary just doesn't have those qualities.  I believe she is an ISTJ.

Akolade (not verified) says...

1. Using MBTI to definitively label someone is kind of silly. A person will very rarely only identify with one type description. Beyond that, due to the complex nature of any given individual consciousness, the expression of a trait is incredibly difficult to truly pick up on, because action =/= motivation. 

2. Typing a person whom you've never met is kind of silly. I would say that trying to type them based on observing them rather than conversing with them is going to lead you astray. A public persona is not the same as a private persona. If all of her interviews led you to ISTJ then you're suggesting her Si is the core of her perception. Which makes no sense:

She's been on a slow calculated march to the White House, advocating for women and children the whole way up, while finding herself embroiled in complex conflicts where she's very intentionally sided with "the people" whose favor she needed in order to keep being elected. She is part of an older generation and has primarily sought work in arenas dominated by men. Law and Politics. She is the reason you have a first female senator from New York. She's the reason we've had a female democractic candidate with a quarter century of political experience show us that the white house doesn't just have to be a dream. She also showed us that having the best resume as a woman still doesn't guarantee you respect. If she led with Si, this is not generally how she would spend her working life. She would likely choose something she had seen tried AND completed. To be an ISTJ unless she was operating as an ENFP shadow self who was in denial about how she experienced the world, there would be few logical underlying motivations for this that you could perceive without knowing her on a personal level.

When you accuse her of "lack of visionary thinking" I think of the fact that her responses to handling things like terrorism with a behavioral analysis of the individual and what they want, rather than threats and bombs denotes that she actually is way ahead of the curve. She realizes that borders are fictional, but humans are not, and therefore in order to make true progress with them and in the world we would need to take a humanist and gloabalist stance in order to defuse their hostility, which is based on the fictional narratives of culture/religion/nationality. In this way she's basically seen that application of behavioral theory to foreign policy and crime is likely the future as is was with economics. When she said visionary things, people boo'd her. And historically when she talked about her projections of the future based on data analysis, people used it against her later.

"An INTJ woman would not feel entitled to votes simply for being a woman." She's a person who understands the nature of misogyny and white male patriarchy, how does she explain to someone who cannot see the big picture that in order to protect their rights they should vote for the candidate who has a track record of defending and advocating for those rights? Do you have to explain something that seems that intuitive or do you make a statement that implies it? If you're an INTJ you must have run into this frustrating experience when talking to large groups of people or strangers rather than close friends. Shouldn't it be clear that she might be the best choice over someone whose public and private personas have historically demonstrated that they do not respect women & children, and potentially even assault them? How do you express this without mudslinging? And regardless of the fact that she said this, many women voted against her anyway because they were incapable of seeing that big picture or thought they were "thinking for themselves" by voting for Trump.

3. I don't think you understand functions as well as you think you do. ENTJs are over represented in politics and spend most of their lives making calculated choices that allow them to achieve their goals while hiding their true intentions. They are known to manipulate systems and put on what they think is a palatable public persona while furthering their own generally amoral designs. They like being in charge and do no stop to wonder if they are qualified. They are 1 letter off from INTJ and because of the altered order of their function stacks ENTJ(Te > Ni > Se > Fi) v INTJ (Ni>Te>Fi>Se) They try to control the world around them, and trust their intuition to guide them in doing so. If they do not employ their intuition, they get bored. They look at the results and see whether or not it pleases them then repeat the process. The INTJ must first allow their intuition to inspire them to reorganize the world into their vision. They check in with themselves to make sure what they are doing is in line with their values. They experience the world around them only after they deal with what triggered their intuition in the first place.

an ISTJ? (Si > Te > Fi > Ne) The ISTJ is promarily concerned with what has happened to them in the past and use their past experiences to judge whether or not they will engage with a future experience. Based on how they remember things working best or what they've learned is best to do in a situation, they try to organize the world to minimize threats to themselves and maximize joy. IF they are feeling safe and happy and in tune with their feelings, only then should they be expected to explore external possiblities that they are unfamiliar with, according to their function stack. The ISTJ politician? They look at the system and do what the rulebook says. They love order. If you look for famous ISTJ leaders who are women, you'll generally find they inherited power. They are not generally trying to be the first anything.

3. Just for fun, can you guess what I typed as most recently? If only to see what insights you might have gleaned from the way that I speak.

4. I would like to point out that Carl Jung never intended for people to be broken into 16 types, labeled and divided. That was Isabel Myers and her daughter, Catherine Briggs-Myers. Neither of them were trained psychologists. Carl Jung was himself looking for a way to categorize human cognition. The means by which we perceive the world and take action. He literally said that everyone observed in this way would be an exception unto themselves due to the very nature of the complexity of the human mind. The extraversion and introversion of the traits refers to the direction of cognitive processes... So describing someone as an NT or NF doesn't actually make sense because most people are capable of employing different functions as they choose, once they are made aware of them. It's why just because someone types as an "ENTJ" you might find them on any given day acting as an "INFP" for the purpose of entertaining a child or an "ESTP" while on a surf trip to Hawaii. A public persona, doesn't really authorize you to type someone no matter how many times you've seen it.

But when you try to type a private persona based on a public one, you have to acknowledge that unless you consider the deep and elusive of motivation and the scope social and cultural context of a given individual, what you perceive as commonplace another might view as groundbreaking and what you perceive as shallow may be a deception or simply an elegant solution.

Jolly Holly (not verified) says...

Oh, and one more big thing!  INTJs are very passionate about their values.  We have introverted feeling and have strong ideas about right and wrong, treating people with dignity and respect, war, environement, etc.  Hillary does not seem to have strong values even though as an ISTJ, she would also share Fi as her relief function.  But, she's too detached from people and seems more driven by status than any kind of deep passion for human beings.  Just sayin'.  Yes, obviously I'm aware of her "non-profit" work but I don't see it being motivated by a true caring for people.  I see it as being motivated by her deep-seated need for high status and approval.  I won't go so far as to say she's a covert narcissist, but it would not surprise me.

Sarah123 (not verified) says...

Spot on Jolly Holly! Thank you.

L.E.O. (not verified) says...

Hilary Clinton does not posses the complex mind of an INTJ.  If she had, she would have beat out the ENTJ in the election.  She is an ISTJ/ESTJ.  Thank God for small miracles.

MDurant (not verified) says...

I agree with you. Like you, I don't agree with her ethics or values. I do think that one of the reasons she has difficulty connecting with voters is because she is an INTJ. Fundamentally I believe she thinks the average voter is rather stupid, and she is probably right. Most people are highly suggestible. And that shows on her face, which is why she seems insincere. She has decided that in order to get what she wanted politically, she had to make a 'bargain with the devil' and that is to appear to care about the average person. Perhaps hard work and determination only take you so far. She will never seem to be 'personable' the way Bill does. 

KlondikeKate (not verified) says...

Give the politics a rest. Seriously. The opinions stated are personal and do not in many cases reflect reality. You know what they say about opinions and, even as INTJ's, we have those as well. Speculation about anyone else's "personality type", which isn't an exact science by the way, is just speculation. Ridiculous to even discuss. My opinion is that Trump has a personality disorder in the Cluster B family. Do I have proof of that? Nope. Just my opinion. And not worth discussing here.

ExoticBunnyLover (not verified) says...

You seem to be misunderstanding. You see, you can be a certain personality type and still not be like another person with that personality type. 

By reading this comment, and by assessing the fact that you took the time to write it saying you aren't like her, I would say you are more of an ISFJ. Try looking there, or if not, try looking and seeing if you match with ESTP. See what fits. 

Psych Flower says...

Hillary Clinton's type is ESTJ. Worlds apart.

Akolade (not verified) says...

If the ESTJ is known for doing what they believe is right and think that is what everyone else should be doing that can't be Hillary clinton because she actively does what she thinks is personally serviceable in regards to what everyone else is doing. Gay marriage, early opposed, when it was popular supported. Iraq war, early in favor, when it becomes unpopular, she shifts. She's literally doing what makes sense for her political career, not what makes sense to her morals, that or she just has a massive change of heart that moves with the public when they discover what she's known for years/months... Please explain what you mean.

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