Iam not like Hillary Clinton.

She has low standards and no sense of morality or ethics

I have high standards and a sense of morality and I have eithics


Grace Elizabeth (not verified) says...

I agree fullyyyyyy

Nate C (not verified) says...

Well then, let’s hope you’re not like Trump either. You claim some standard of morality and ethics, so you can’t be. Let’s not single out one rung of the ladder without discussing the (binary) lower rungs. 

PCP (not verified) says...

Oh Grace - do you know her?  Seems like you may not be an INTJ - you don't seem very capable of understanding the complexity associated with a personality type.  There is much more that goes into a person than these few metrics along with the fact that Hillary functions on a level of social management that very, very few ever encounter.  Hillary is forced to make extremely complex decisions on a daily basis that go beyond normal morality and ethics.  If you were really an INTJ, I think you would intuitively understand that.  I would suggest trying the test again and being honest with yourself.

Zack1123 (not verified) says...

How do you know? The items in which you mention difference are in the realm of axiology, which aren't something categorically defined by INTJ (or most other) typologies.

Ailius (not verified) says...

He certainly seems to match the "J" part.

I'm inclined to agree with him too. Hillary Clinton was a professional politician and has explicitely stated she had a public persona she put on for branding purposes. I highly doubt she is introverted. The 'default' personality for politicians is ENTJ, so the assessment of her public persona only one dimension off.

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