I am really curious about myself so i take tests to know myself more. the problem is they keep changing. 

from ISFP to INTJ to INFP to ISTJ.

UGH. now i can't decicde which group i belong to.

can you guys give me your thoughts and comments about this? i can receive negative comments as long as its true and i can profit from it.

Thanks for reading and replying( it you want to) :)


bub (not verified) says...

You are clear on your I, so that's good:) you might want to pay for the official meyers briggs because free online tests can often mistype you.



Elrond Half-Elven says...

If you learn more about typology and cognitive functions, then you should be able to type yourself fairly accurately.


cassrow (not verified) says...

I had a similar problem, different types to yours but recieving varied results.  Looking into this I learnt more about cognitive functions, that while we have a personality type eg INTP it actually acknowledges that we have/show/use different personalities depending on the situation we are in or task we are doing and the single personality type eg INTP describes 4 personality types depending on the situation you are in, these are normally broken down into:

1) When so confident, familiar with we the task or situation we can do it or be there almost on automatic, unconsciously and without thought then we would use our dominant type.

2) When still fairly confident and familiar with the task or situation but it requires a conscious effort and thought, we can do it but with an awareness that it doesn't come nauarally, in this type of situation we would be using our auxillary type.

3) When doing a task or in a situation where not confident and perhaps feel uncomfortable, it requires significant conscious effort and thought the would be using our tertiary  personality type

4) When feel totally overwhelmed or in times of stress, in tasks or situations we feel unable to cope with, the unconscious thoughts and actions we take in those situations, sometimes the inner turmoil we experience, this will be the inferior personality.  

Varied results generally occur because the answers you give you have based on an example situation you come up with, if one situation uses your dominant personality and another uses you secondary personality then the results will vary.  It depends on the perspective from which you answer.  

The I types can more often produce varied results because the Introverted type will introvert in it's dominant personality type with the most dominant parts of that personality type, T/F or S/N introverted also.  The secondary personality type of the dominantly introverted type will be extroverted and so the T/F or S/N will also be extroverted, as a result often the secondary type being shown extrovertly can be falsely appear as the dominant type.  

I found this helped me understand where my variation was origionating from and that actually it did exist, being able to put the different types to the different cognitive functions also gave a lot of clarity.  

Links to a couple of articles that I ready which explained it well, I'm not sure I've managed to be very clear

this gives a bit on cognitive functions https://personalityhacker.com/personality-development-tools-the-car-diagram/

relating cognitive functions to confusion https://personalityhacker.com/when-you-almost-know-your-personality-type/

descriptions of how the various personality types are expressed at each cognitive function level https://personalityhacker.com/quick-reference-guides/

another useful discussion about type confusiont related to cognitive function https://personalityjunkie.com/10/entps-enfps-ne-vs-intjs-infjs-ni/

Nuker89 says...

I suggest accepting that you are unique, and you dont have to belong to a single personality type. Read on them all, understand your strengths and weaknesses, be who you are. First, accept yourself for whatever you are or want to be. From there, read on all of these as much as you can to understand where you belong. But still, dont conform yourself to one group, be whatever you want and fight to make others accept who you are. I know this, because I dont directly belong in one group. I accepted that I dont entirely belong in one or the other and I strive to be who I am, and not what a computer says I strictly fall into. You are who you are, own it!

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