I am an ESFJ for a long while I've been trying to figure out my personality type. I am almost positive like 80% sure that this is who I really am. Reasons why because I noticed that as an extrovert I feel happiest expressing myself, going out of my house getting fresh air for long hours, hanging out with ny friends, and just loving those who I love. I love helping people because their happiness brings out my happiness to my heart. I volunteer at my church and I love it so much that I don't want to leave but I know I need to start heading for my career because I am almost twenty and need to be help to support others and myself. I know God has a special plan for me and I hope and pray that it is to be a counselor I like to help people with their problems and I want to be able to have faith in God because when our faith is stronger with God, then our problems aren't our own and we are able to feel at ease that we are okay. I was surprised to see that I am an extrovert because I used to think I was in introvet because I like to be with a few friends like five friends, I like to get into deep conversations, but mostly I just like to talk about anything the person wants to talk about so that I can learn about them, and I just want to be able to help others and love them and make sure that they are happy. My goal is to be more helpful to my church, get married, have children, pets, foster children and animals, and most importantly to please God. I know that God will provide so I have to be patient and enjoy my life as it is here and as it goes.


milesmo13 says...

Hi, just checking back. When you have the time feel free to comment under a new thread which I posted under ISFJ. Hope that you're doing well.

adrianabonilla1996 says...

Is it the one about the books you suggested? I don't know if you saw my response I saw it. Well I just re-Read what I wrote and I am 100% sure that I am an ESFJ but my career choice is changed because I definitely want to work with animals and be a veterinarian technologist. In the fall of 2017. Im heading to that direction. I cannot wait! And at the end of everything I definitely know that I want a husband and a family with pets, foster children and animals, travel a bit, and be more involved with my church.

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