I hope that this doesn't come off wrong, and also hope that you read with an open mind. Correct me if I am wrong, but isnt' our strongest trait as an INTP, Being logical??? Questioning?? Not excepting the answer if you have questions about it??? I am new to this site, and even more new to this personality type thing. This is where and what me must think about. I know I am an INTP, i don't actually every point, but I am every KEY point. Now i took a multitude of tests, from different sites. IT took me about 5 times to get INTP. I didnt like the first couple of classifications, because they were kinda wrong. Now feeling a little scepticle about this whole thing, I found something about the theory of what this is all about. Then I came to my own conclusion, granted i could be BAT SHIT Crazy, but I doubt it. The tests are known for their faults yet have these wierd truths to it. The test is, In my opinion like a BETA version, that needs some updates. I see that the test doesn't see that maybe an INTP can be an INTP when not with a partner, yet can be a similiar yet different person when with a true partner. Still an INTP at heart yet maybe a little less closed. It kinda needs a couple more letters like INTP@@@. I have also heard that how intuitive we are, and that we are like mind readers. WE ARE. Yet i hear that we are all good at heart, and mainly liberal, and we would never use our gift of reading into people as a weapon. I am kind to a fault, I am LIberatarian"ish", and I will look into your eyes, and use this gift to hurt you. Yet I an INTP, but where do I become classified now? New to this, I am, but some of this stuff i see is such BS. If you take the test once, from one site, and believe what you are classified as, lucky you may be, but your a damn retard. Straight out of the hole. INTP = sees the patterns in things. If you truly INTP, have you seen the pattern in the test????? Have you realized it is a version of a crude lie detector test. Control questions mixed with random shit?E????????????????? I am not trying to knock anyone, but read up on the theory of this, and then look at what your test said. Compare them and make your own decision. I see many "INTP" people posting that are not even educated enough to peel a banana and not shit themselves at the same time. Id love to Hear some ideas, and even someShit about this


asakim26 says...

If I got you right, in your opinion the test is not accurate.

That is true, i can't think of a test which is accurate for 100% but i assume that you will agree that approaching the 70-85% is good enough.

You don't have to agree 100% on your personality, I also tend to agree that most of the descriptions full with stereotypes and naturally human beings personality is way more complicated than 8 cognitive function. BUT... as i read and research on different personality theories I came into conclusion that MBTI is the most efficient tool to work with in everyday life.

First, i find it extremely helpful for personal growth.
Second, helpful in understanding people behaviour.
Third, what do you need more than that?

I also agree that INTP or any other type act differently with different acquaintances. Generally the theory works.

asmodean6969 says...

A little background. Personality typing can be traced back to Aristotle and Plato. More recently is Carl Jung whose work directly influenced Briggs and Myers research. One common problem with the test is when a tester answers the questions as they would like to be and not as they are. I have also found, both through personal experience and observation, that intelligent testers will alter their answers to get the result they want. For years I thought I was an ENFP because I have the Bipolar Disorder and it took my wife(an INFJ) to figure it out. If you are an INTP then you should be able to take the test from a purely objective point of view which may help your test results be more accurate for you. Either way I hope you hang in there because personality typing opens up so many opportunities socially. We are not really mind readers. We interpret non-verbal communication(which never lies) and use leaps of logical conclusions to intuit other peoples thoughts and feelings. Also, calling the test a crude lie detector is crude in and of itself. The test measures choices and based on many years of study and research,we have a good idea of what kind of personalities make what kind of choices. If you doubt a test from one site or another then go to the source and get the Briggs & Myers original test. I have a book with it in there so I'm not sure how to get it online. If you are as smart as you make yourself out to be, then you should have no problems figure it out. If all else fails you could could always buy a book. Have a good day.

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