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I am an INFP and 17 years old. My parents are really great and all but they're the type of people that don't take no are difference of opinion very well. They've been pushing me to get out in the world but also wanting me to stay close to home. My family is great aswell but...basically, they don't like my own personality but when i pretend they want me to be "real". I'm not happy enough. (jumping up and down while smiling) but when i joke it's wierd. I'm not trying to rag on them but...I feel like if i try to stand up for myself to my family it won't end well but if i don't then i think that my own mental health will continue to go down hill. I don't know how to deal with this and I hate confrontation but I can't continue to deal with life like this. Sorry for the long message!




Dr David A Strawbridge (not verified) says...

Don't feel like you need to pretend anything. Just be yourself. Whatever that self is. At your age your image and ego are changing and so your parents may just sense a lack of continuity. And that's just fine. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to find out who you are. Most importantly, stop judging yourself. Just relax and enjoy the ride. 

N.F. says...

Thanks Dr StrawBridge! Nice to know people listen!

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