I've taken the Myers-Briggs and the Keirsey assessments several times over the years and came up three different types all ending in J. Sometimes I was an introvert, sometimes an extrovert. This frustrated me. What am I? Then one day after realizing that I am the total opposite of my husband, a solid ISTJ, I decided to look up the description of an ENFP. BINGO!!

My problem in taking the assessments is that everything seems to apply to me and it is very difficult to say a definite yes or no; I want to answer "it just depends".  

I am relieved to know that my avoidance of rountine and the search for the novel is a personality trait and not an immaturity; and that I am a project person, not a quitter!



MPR (not verified) says...

I can relate this as well. I am excited for you and your discovery of traits our personality type can fit into. It can be hard in our society to be someone to whom routine is not a best friend, but we will thrive despite the confines of normal 'desk jobs,' etc. Positivity to you and your discovery!

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