Hi I am a female INTP and I really want to find an INTJ male I find their personality intriguing. Most of the people I know don't have my same interests and conversations with them are kind of getting boring and repetitive.


woblitt says...


I am an INTJ.... 2% of the population. So are we freaks? My interests seem to be so esoteric. I would love to engage with similar minded earthligs!!


somebody stalking the forums (not verified) says...

my brother is an INTJ!! There's not really any ways you can contact him though... and besides he's probably a lot younger than you not that you're old but well he's under 20 I'll just say that

strugglingpanda says...

Sup. I am an intj (based on 16personalities.com test result). But, I think I'm an intp based on mainstream descriptions beside 16personalities.com. I think I'm confused. That ain't matter tho. I still don't get people either. looking forward to hear your rant about how annoying people are.


anonymous intp (not verified) says...

you sound a little more intp


And Dau (not verified) says...

Hello, i'm INTP. I have my friend INTJ. He very cool in girls eyes, he look very distants, very coldly and yet very soft inside. His eyes give sharp gaze but normaly he have bleary eyes (Ni eyes look like that, we have same eyes). They very attractive although i don't see it as a guy, he just an average looking guy, not athletic, not so hot.

But, but he can be a mastermind, his eager for knowledge make him predicate your action. It give me some chill when he told me what trick did he use on me and everyone. I learned a lot from him.

Don't worry, INTJ have very warm heart even when they unintentionaly scare or hurt you. Although he have vast knowleadge he don't know what his heart want and sometime push his love away. They are child in adult form. Like stundere character in Japanese culture.

And tell you something. INTJ is attracted to us. He find out me first, i think maybe my way to approach situation very innocently, honestly, openmind. He think he need to advice me. Just take a lead in your group, INTJ quite rare so you have to lead a big group. My is luckier, he is my classmate.

Dont mistake with ISTJ, they also have same way, soft inside harsh outside. But INTJ have vision, good planer (quite rare). ISTJ have very very good memory, hard worker (quite common).

I hope you can find one.

P/s: look like i just guide you to find pokemon :|
sorry INTJ, ISTJ out there :D

64CAD says...

Hello from a fellow INTP. I do not believe that there is anyway to find a male INTJ who you may like. You could ask on social media, ask people, but INTJs make up only 2% of the population and so are quite rare. Good luck finding someone, though! Oh yeah, by the way, you can just talk to people here. Although I do think that contacting an INTJ somewhere else would be a much better idea.

Kentrell Morrow (not verified) says...

I'm an INTJ. I understand we only make up 2% of the population, which adds a bit of notability on our part. 

INTJ female (not verified) says...

I am an INTJ female from India and God knows how much I'm looking for an INTJ male. That's my only ray of hope because I feel like I can't relate to most people. 

Sammi (not verified) says...

I would luuurrrvvve to find myself an INTJ man (I'm ENTP that occasionally swings to J) having been on this planet for almost half a century now, I have come to realise NT's are indeed in a league of our own. Conflicts in my life would be mostly from the Sentinel crowd - I understand them, but they just don't have it in them to understand me. 

I'm also aware there are a lot of semi famous ENTP & INTJ friendships. And a solid friendship is the basis of all good connections.


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