I've taken the MBTI test multiple times and my type keeps switching between INFJ and ISFJ. Is there a main difference between the two functions Ni and Si that might help me determine which is more suitable for me?


erinn says...

I also got both. [Even on the 16personalities.com test. In my case, I was almost exactly 50/50!]

I would suggest picking the one you feel suits you the most or stick with both of them (like me).

Honestly, I don't think there is a huge difference between the two.

Jason says...

You may have very close sensing and intuiting preferences, able to use which ever is needed in any given situation. Keep in mind that personality type isn't some static thing that anyone is is trapped in. We all have access to all the cognitive abilities, and the ones that are strongest are the ones we've preferred to use, and thus have practice using. We can change our preferences anytime, and begin to develop whatever cognitive functions we want (to varying degrees of difficulty, depending on the person). It's entirely possible for you to have preferences for Si and Ni in equal or close to equal measures..

Ask yourself if you're more interested in pondering the possibilities of the future (Ni), or being grounded in the lessons of the past (Si). Or, perhaps you prefer both in equal measures.

Kiana says...

  • Yes there is a main difference between Ni and Si 
    - Introverted Intuition - focuses on abstract ideas and concepts
    - Introverted sensing - focuses on details and are typically in the present but also think about the past
  • I personally do not suggest to trust online MBTI tests as they are prone to alter results. This is because at different times when the tests are taken variables come into play that will affect the end result, for example; feeling differently to the previous test changes yours answers therefore the result will alter and also by simply thinking twice about the answer can change the result once again. It is safe to say that online MBTI tests are not reliable thus, creating mistypes. I suggest to seek professional help to allow you to discover your true type or you can do a crazy amount of research about the type you feel the most comfortable with and see if it reflects your daily life. 
  • Good luck!

Shisheme (not verified) says...

It also happens to me, I got in 16personalities test 49/51 between thinking and feeling, just try to investigate about both and choose the one you most relate with, I got on the test ISTJ but Ididnt felt identified with it, but I did feel identified with ISFJ

David Lindgren (not verified) says...

Hello caitx. There is a man, C. S. Joseph, on YouTube, that I personally feel has an incredible amount of knowledge about personality typology. Honestly, he is the best teacher of typology that I've found so far. Everyone can learn ALOT from him. He explains every type thoroughly, both positive and negative traits associated to each type. Check him out... you'll be glad you did. Enjoy your self discovery.

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