I feel bad about my relationship to work and therefore money.

It feels like I have to make it work, and that it doesn't. I feel like I'm floating around in Limbo, stuck between an idea and the action to manifest. I want to be thouroughly grounded, to follow through with ease, to be able to vigorously take bold action and create results that shake the ground. In stead I feel handicapted in this matter. Like I'm moving around in glue, ending up at the beginning of the loop without results while everybody else is knowing what they want and manifesting while smiling on a beautifull spring day...

I fear it's the character trade of being an ENFP. If so, can you change this? Do you need to? Do we need to adapt, or is there a place in this fast paced world, but is it hard to reach and do we merely need to accept these trades? What are the hidden gems? I can't figure this out.

Who feels the same, or completely diffrent and why? I love people, I know about beliefsystems and conditioning but this I can't figure out.

I feel like I'm rigged for struggle by being an ENFP. Please tell me that I'm seeing it all wrong and that there's a fix!!!


Elizabeth Rivers (not verified) says...

If someone has any ideas regarding this subject, please add them to this conversation.

I am also an ENFP struggling with basically exactly the same thing.Its a horrible feeling, knowing that you could be doing better, wanting to, but somehow being unable to manifest this helpful behaviour on a daily basis.

Edward Jones (not verified) says...

I know the feeling and at 52 years old I am again adrift having been laid off.

margomesch says...

Ah, the feeling is all too familiar.

I am constantly coming up with my new greatest idea ever, the one I am really going to stick with and pursue full force this time. And for a while I do, until somewhere along the line I realize I’ve stopped being attached to the idea. In fact, the idea sounds rather horrifying. And so, I come up with my next newest greatest idea ever and the cycle repeats. I am frustrated at myself and long for the dream I can pursue consistently. For the career that satisfies my soul and my bank account. Or even the one that just satisfies my soul, but that I will work hard enough at to be successful.

I don’t believe we should resign ourselves to this character trait/flaw just because we all identify with it though. The solution is obviously to fight the flighty nature of the ENFP mind and push past the urge to abandon our ideas.. if that is possible.

I have loved knowing I am not alone in my loop of gluey mess though. Life as an ENFP is exciting and passionate and I am grateful for who I am. I pray that each of us would live our lives to the fullest, not giving in to despair in our seemingly unending indecisiveness, but embracing the rollercoaster we get to ride that others do not.

memyselfandI (not verified) says...

SO identify with this! using a glue analogy is spot on, I was described at school as having a butterfly mind, unable to settle on anything in particular for long enough, always comments like, has great potential but doesn't see things through, or flashes of genius but its not consistent.
I do have a very successful career now though and earn good money, I use my private life to live out my butterfly nature! random camping trips at weekend, animals, holidays..

Every day is a battle at work, though to make sure I follow through on my projects and actually deliver, for example I am on this forum when I should be working :)

Guest (not verified) says...

I find it fascinating that no matter how different all of our lives are, that we can all connect through this one particular trait! What I find most frustrating is that in my work, there are no stones I will leave unturned, even when I'm told to drop something and that it will work itself out - I can't I have to get to the bottom of it. I feel as though I have control in work and can apply myself 100% and be committed, but in my personal life I'm like a lost puppy. I find it extremely difficult to even make plans let alone stick to plans and it's really frustrating. I burst from one idea to another and dive in without thinking it through and always end up beating myself up for not seeing things through then. I wish I could apply myself to my personal life the way I can in work and then maybe gain some control over myself. I would love to be better at making decisions and more importantly sticking to them! I love being an ENFP and I hate it all at the same time. It feels like I'm on a constant hamster wheel! Its great that people from all walks of life can relate to each other and I find it comforting that I'm not alone. Thanks for sharing your views.

ENTPart (not verified) says...

I have struggled with whether I am an ENTP/INTP/ENFP after taking the test 4-5 times in as many years. Have decided I'm not an FP but an NP... Anyway for your work-life understanding... There are a lot of other MBTI websites, and I wanted to share one that has some good comments on career path. IT's a bit superficial but don't give up on yourselves. There are truly areas of life where the ENFP may be happy, IMHO.

I work in healthcare and the giving nature of our chaplains, palliative care staff, etc. is remarkable. Empathy and 1:1 coaching seems like a natural affinity. You should look for roles where you are in an 'episode' situation that doesn't require a lot of planning, perhaps. Good luck, all!


Yet another lost soul (not verified) says...

Yup..... this sounds about right. On one hand I feel bright and alive. I love to run and exercise. I love to be spontaneous and crazy. I have a passion for life. On the other hand I'm married with a step child. I've provided for them for a decade through construction. And in all honesty the thought of another day of this makes me want to kill myself lol. I love my family. I want to provide for them. But I just can't do this (career.) I'm not built for it. What's worse is that I cant imagine myself doing anything else. I float between INFP and ENFP. Sometimes I'm extremely personable. But I go into these horrible depressions in which I feel no hope and no happiness whatsoever. During these phases I "ride it out." But I cannot imagine being around other people or having to function in any realistic way. Instead I'll often hide myself from the world and the thought of having to face a single human being creates such an amazing stress in me. This results in constant failure (career wise.) I hide the results of which from my family. And I'm luckily good enough at what I do that I can generally provide for them. But most of the time I an ENFP. I'm extremely personable and love people lol. What a lot in life right? Anyways I'm adrift just like most of the people here. At least it helps to know I'm not alone. And that this may be something I have to live with rather than constantly hating myself and slipping into deep depressions.

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