INFJ trying to figure out her child's type and was curious about how other introverted intuitive were as babies? I'm curious bc I want to parent him the way he understands the world to help him. My mom doesn't clearly remember a lot about how behaved.So, anything would help:-)


Guest (not verified) says...

I was told by my mother that I was an easy baby, I slept through the night, ate and drank on a schedule and was very happy, go lucky. I did well with family members and our pets, but I was slow to hop in on play dates with other children and was a bit shy. I'm still the same takes me a little bit to warm up in new situations, and I allow myself time to adjust to the new setting and its energy.

mauvepirqate says...

I'm definitely a solid INFP. However, I wasn't when I was a child. As a child, I was definitely an ENFP. I was constantly engaging people, even complete strangers, without absolute enthusiasm. I was always curious and kind and wanted to know everything that people were thinking and feeling... and I would always ask. I was extremely interested in new ideas and feelings from any source and didn't stop pursuing them and engaging people to receive more and new ideas.

There was a lot of abuse and fighting in my family, when I was a toddler. Over several years, during all the strife, I changed from being an extrovert to an introvert. In my opinion this was just a result of my (social) environment. I've been an introvert ever since. However, I still feel extrovert in me welling up on occasion. It just never is able to fully take over. The imprints of childhood are just too powerful to expect them to change during our lifetime. But, also consider that the combination of "NFP" in me, probably made me particularly susceptible to negative effects of the strife which surrounded me, because this "NFP" type is extremely sensitive.

Machelle (not verified) says...

I totally agree with your analysis. I was raised in the same type of situation and I believe I went from an E to an I because of it.

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