...is not an INTJ. I don't believe that she is so all-knowing and deep thinking. She may be an ENTJ or something else, but a scientist or mastermind she is not.


Guest (not verified) says...

And you're not an INTJ either as that is an incredibly emotional argument. She's not INTJ because she's not all-knowing? No INTJ is all-knowing. Have you ever met her? She is incredibly deep thinking. You and I may not agree with her on everything or think she thinks well, but that doesn't say anything about how deeply she thinks.

There are definitely arguments for Hillary not being INTJ, and this is not one of them.

JANIS GABBERT (not verified) says...

What are the arguments that Hillary is not INTJ? She is not "all-knowing" in the way that God is omniscient but she looks like a Mastermind to me. Hillary went to my high school, two years ahead of me, and to my Methodist church, in Park Ridge, Illinois. I have followed in her footsteps pretty closely ever since I became aware of her. We are both lawyers. We both have had the ambition to put more women in political office. She was fortunate to marry an INTJ lawyer. I was not that fortunate. But I found a true Guru and learned the Science of Religion. Masterminds come in different flavors. But I think I know one when I see one.

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