Well. Not too sure how to start this without it spiralling into a endless post. Here it goes, Im a 17 year old male living in the UK and I have recently left sixth form after one year. I have good academic knowledge and receieved good grades. The real question at hand here is what career to go into? After taking the tests on various sources I turn out to be a pretty certain ENTP. Whereas this may have its uses and some areas it also comes with its negatives. I get bored extremely easily and lose motivation when my days involve a strict routine. My body and mind seem to repell anything of this sort. Im very creative and yet still very pratical aswell. I pick up such topics like woodwork and art very easily and can also excell in photography and I have a massive love for anything film and media based. Here comes the tricky part. I want something in life that is so wild and so out there that nobody can believe it. Whereas paydays might be another mans main motivation mine does not involve this, I would rather have something so different from a day to day basis even if it means the salary is slacking on the other hand. Absoloutely any help would be apreciated and would be nice to know if there are any other souls out there feeling like this?


Pepper McGowan (not verified) says...

Hello.  I am not sure how to proceed with the rest of the answer because frankly you sound a bit like myself but more pragmatic than I am or was and you are a boy, are you not, mate? I think that they have probably offered rubbish to join the Navy and see the whole world but I am not feeling that you are looking at signing up the best years of your life in calisthenics and drills,  so that's done. But you did mention photography and that you're not a workaday bloke- have you thought about doing camera work for a show that would have you going out to Borneo and Mongolia to be photographing or filming the host of some sort of national geographic channel or man vs.stupidty vs.a massive serpent in the Amazon rainforest....I am not being silly,  you'd never have to punch the clock, your schedule would be pretty variable and the whole world could be your office.  It's a job,  somebody else does it,  I mean,  so does that interest you even a little as possibility? What in your post touched my own heart I dunno. I am old enough to be your mum and my own boy would have been 21 this week so I have been feeling extra nurturing and I am sitting here on my bed reading this with half a dozen coal black kittens walking on me like I am furniture.  You're open to the non ordinary...I am a professional astrologer,  find me on the Facebook and send me a comment on my profile or something that I talked to @ya on the truity.com boards and I can get a peek at your birth chart  no charge or any of the shenanigans...It's a less orthodox way to find some of your other strengths and the liabilities to be careful with.  God bless you. 

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