I'm an INTJ, and from what I can tell, my teacher is an ISFJ. I like her and am interested in her class, but I don't know what to expect from her. Sometimes, she insists on "looking for the details" in our literature readings when I'm still trying to understand the big picture, which makes me confused. When preparing for quizzes or tests, I feel like I'm just memorizing isolated facts that are unrelated to one another. She also has a habit of saying "you should do ___." This makes me overwhelmed and I feel like I can't meet her high standards! I don't want to be disrespectful, and I know she wants the best for me, but she's driving me crazy and I'm starting to dread walking into her class.

How should I respond? Is there a respectful way to let her know how frustrated I am?


Alex1marin says...

Having different views, focusing on the details vs. focusing on the big picture, can make understanding things hard, but I think you should try to compromise somehow. Try to understand them in your way and see how the details fit with the big picture. Don't be afraid to tell your teacher how you feel. Chances are she'll find a way to solve this herself.

Sue Shaw (not verified) says...

An isfj is probably looking for meaning in the literature. Since she is involved in emotional, historical, and detailed information, it could definitely be difficult for the intj. What you see as important, and your strengths are completely different from hers. As an isfj, and I am one, she will be interested in helping you in any way she can. Do let her know about your learning style, and perspective. She will be as helpful as she can be. You may not however agree of what is important.

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