Has any creative INFPs, out there, broken through the intense self-doubt, procrasti..., fear of exposure, etc, etc, - and actually achieved a Creative career?

I have found myself stuck in what I've coined an "INFP loop" which consists of doing creative project after creative project, each project promising either a source of income or a possible creative career. I usually finish it, or nearly finish, then think "what next?" I haven't got a marketing bone in my body. So I go back to my ideas book and start on another project. . .

Any help moving forward would be greatly appreciated!!!


Rick Ruppenthal says...

I can feel your pain and have been wondering the same things as you. A friend directed me to Kaisen-muse (http://www.kaizenmuse.com/) to look at the creative coaching.
At the moment, I have only reviewed the website and purchased two of her books to read (waiting for them to arrive) over the next few months.
Again not knowing too much, it does appear away to tap into our creativity to produce success (which I assume is defined by us).
Very interested what you may discover and will certainly share to the group what I may learn from this.

caraya_99 says...

Hey fellow INFP's! I've just discovered this site and I'm so excited to get to finally meet other people who think like I do. Guys go back and reread your profile...we are awesome and need to remember that! My advice to guest would be find a partner who is good at detail and follow thru. You could even explore this site for those personality types and see if anyone wants to help. There is someone out there who can't do the creative part and they want to find someone who has a million ideas that they can run with. Go for it!

Artemesia (not verified) says...

Yes I seriously know what you mean. I have so many nearly finished things at home. i am enjoying Get it Done by Sam Bennett which is getting me out of my cycle. Good luck.

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