I recently found out my personality (ENTP) through the 16personalities website and was completely shocked how everything matched me there. In the end they offer a book just for ENTP, was wondering if anyone got it and recommends it.



michaelmartinjr75 says...

I was floored when I took that same test at the same website 16 personality types. I knew I was an extrovert. I didn't realize what kind or that there were more then just a few. I was wondering? I had a -I at the end of my ENTP. Are there sub categories inside of the ENTP personality types??

Marcus.....? says...

I got ENTP-A I am yet to discover what it means, I have scoured the internet.

A guy who studies this stuff (not verified) says...

I bought the Premium Profile, and it was quite accurate. I found, however, that it wasn't as accurate as the free description, though that is to be expected since it goes into greater detail, and if you go to detailed it fits fewer people. My overall statement regarding it is that it won't really help with understanding YOU, so much as it will help with understanding and destroying some other ENTP who gets in your way.

And there are a few posts here about -T or -A, Turbulence or Assertiveness. That is only available on the 16p site, and it does not affect your personality type by name. By that I mean that both -Ts and -As are still called Debaters.

Turbulent individuals are less sure of themselves and will think more about things in the past and mistakes they made and such, and they have the advantage in striving for perfection more.

Assertive individuals are #### full of themselves and don't give a crap what happens. They have the advantage of already having achieved perfection. (or so we think)

A more lengthy description is on 16p-16personalities.com for those who aren't natives and call it 16p-in the Members area under the Courses tab and then click on Theory.

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