Quick question. I read about me as an ENFP and hits my life on the head. What i've encountered is that others are always thinking that I never grow myself or always ask where i'm headed for myself. I think I know but the big but in life happens... Its not lack of passion or procrastination. What i'm wondering is have you ever heard this as an ENFP? How would that type of personality adjust to get to a point that one could do stuff and internalize and then go ENFP on ourselves too.

Just curious..... and looking for options to get to where everyone thinks we should be headed.


Revanda Harjono (not verified) says...

Hi there,

I am really glad that I get to see this kind of question. I might not be able to provide a life-changing solution but I may be able to give a perspective. Personally, I am a male ENFP myself. I'm still in college and have a similar experience with what you are going through right now. Of course, I would love to see if anyone have answers to this question as well. 

We as an ENFP has an abundance of enthusiasm. In order for us to be able to move forward, we need to focus our enthusiasm. I understand that this is a challenge itself for ENFP. ENFP are usually very easily bored. From my personal experience in playing video games, before I finished a certain game, I tend to find myself browsing another game not because I lost my interest but more because of my desire to look for something new. Another hurdle for me is my emotion. Personally, I think that our emotion can be a really powerful tool for us and our team. We have the desire to use our creativity and originality to contribute to our work. However, when the group is not in harmony, if we have no control of our emotion, we tend to fall apart. We are also not the best person to move on from something that we had an attachment to. 

So in conclusion, learning to control our emotion and enthusiasm will be quite beneficial for us and the people around us. Again, I will say that I am no expert. I'm simply saying this out of my interest and experience. If I do make any mistake, I am sorry and I would be really grateful to hear your thoughts and comments.

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