what if you are an ISFJ and you are interested in a relaionship with another ISFJ? can this be good?


shirleysolderer says...

I am an ISFJ in a relationship with an INTJ and it is the biggest challenge of my life. I would give anything to be with someone more like myself. I don't think opposites are good for each other. The softer, milder more giving personality will do just that and completely loose who they are in the process.

milesmo13 says...

Hello Deedee,
I am sorry for your struggles, and trust that your relationship will turn around for the better As a fellow ISFJ, I must say that you have a good understanding and grip of your current situation. Take heart! If the relationship is not based on mutual respect and love it doesn't really matter what temperament you live with. Change the heart first, then change the personality. Happy holidays!

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