I m always worried about my future. My family dosnt trust me that i can success in future. They always think that i m not that clever one.Last month i just got my result of my exam.Before i got that result they said to me its okay if ur result is bad. They just making me down. At last the result was good as they dont belive it.


caraya_99 says...

Hang in there! I relate very much with you. I promise once you get out of school and can make your own way in the world you will do fine! My family was also very concerned for me as I didn't have any idea what I wanted to do. I STILL don't but you know what, that's ok. I've had a wonderful and interesting life BECAUSE I've been open to trying all kinds of different jobs. Just a thought but have you asked your family to read your personality type profile? It might really help them understand you better and not put so much pressure on you!

nabeeha22 says...

INFPs, {like me} like having a career in which they know they'll be benefiting someone or humanity in general. We're very good at empathizing and understanding different people's positions and points of view. We like meaningful career fields, like teachers, religious mentors, counselors, activists, etc. We also are very creative and are great with language. This is why many INFPs produce creative works. William Shakespeare was an INFP. We don't however, like dealing with logic and data most of the time. I hope this helps.

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