Hi, everyone. I just want to say I am a 28 year old woman who has finally found my EXACT personality type.

I have struggled for about year and a half out of extreme curiosity. I viewed and tested multiple personality tests

online, and every time I got different results. I was either ISTJ, ISFJ, INTJ, or INFJ. So, I got fed up and came to

this website to try to find out if this site would be the one to tell me what I truly am. I went to typefinder took

the long 151 questions honestly and found 4 personality types that matches me. The two most accurate types was INFJ by

68.33% and INTJ by 68.48%, ISFJ by 54% and ISTJ by 54%. I was so tickled by INFJ and INTJ because these two were the

results I always get from the previous personality tests online. It was always back and forth. At first, I thought

well which one AM I!?! Truity really helped me end this tug of war cycle for me. So, yeah I am a female INTJ!

The description clearly defines me but I am religious but at the same time I CAN be a devious bad guy if I wanted to!



usakitsukino says...

congratulations :D

i was in that same boat, various tests said i was INTP or INFP..., then i finally got tired of these more or less unsuitable and outright questionable results... i made my own conclusions after looking into the theory behind MBTI, as well as studied numerous scenarios where these letter codes are explained in practical use :|

the test on this site was actually rather accurate, confirmed what i already had concluded, or was looking for perhaps... i'm INTJ but with a very strong T/F balance, too bad there isn't an INTJ+F-category :p

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