Its just this year that I realised that I was an intp,im 21 and have been raised by a very extroverted family,so I automatically acted like one although that brought me alot of internal conflicts,anxiety,depression and lack of Identity,i used to really try to make friends and get approval from other people although everything inside me screamed no,its only after my fathers death last year is when I realised who I truly was,I became distant thinking that maybe it was due to the grief but for the first time in my life I felt free in my own skin,I stopped trying too hard to be cheery and jolly (although deep down I knew I rarely gave a shit about more than half of the people I used to be friends with)I lost alot of people but that dont mean a thing if u found yourself,I hate talkin bout emotions n stuff but this is the first time I ever put my thoughts in words n its a huge relief.


mdr1374 says...

I can understand where you are comfort mg from.  I am INTP as well.  I have struggled with anxiety/depression/self esteem and confidence issues my whole life.  Every day seems like a fight to get through another day only to wake up and start over again.  Don't make the same mistake I did and get into a career for the money(outside sales).  Do something true to your self and your true identity or you will wake up stuck in a field that makes you sick with stress and anxiety everyday only to realize you can't get out of it because you wife and family depend on a certain income expectation.  Channel your energy into a hobby, learn as much as you can, and follow that with a passion.  Don't be sidetracked by others' judging you.  Not everyone is a social butterly,    nor wants to be.  Embrace who YOU are, and find a contribution you can make to society with a positive outcome.   Remember, as hard as it is, try to think at least once a day how greatful you are for waking up, living, and being able to decide what is next for you in your journey!  Best-

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