I'm a young INTJ with no idea what to do with my life. I have many interests, but few passions, and I don't know what to study..

I went to theater high school, and then on to become a petty officer in the Navy. My engagement ends in summer, and I don't think I want to prolong it..

My grades are good, so most doors are open to me, but deadlines to apply are creeping closer..

Does any of you fellow INTJs have some advice for me?

Thanks in advance!


thollis1987 says...

Hi, young one. I will tell you now with experience to take the Navy military route. The reason why is your mind is continuing engage in thought. You will be satisfied with curiosity and knowledge from joining the Navy. You will travel the world to see many different cultures, different people, and surprisingly with the same mind frame as you do.

First things first, you have to go through and endure boot camp before you get to the education part call Advance Individual Training (AIT) to educate and train you of your new career field.

Second, I HIGHLY advise you do active duty. Why because you are more likely to be engage in different activities regarding you physically, mentally, and intelligently. You will travel more, use your gifts and training more to serve civilians and other service members than reserves. Reserves are very slow in activities and you only go to drill at your assigned unit one or two times a month. Your unit will only be active once a YEAR two week training and then back home you go doing absolutely nothing!

I promise you will not regret doing this and you will thank yourself later in life. You will look back in old age and smiled I did that shit and fulfilled my hungry intelligence!

Before I go, The Navy will pay for your education. You just have to talk to the recruiter about that. Then, ask the recruiter how many years you can serve up. They have this obligation contract ranging from 4 to 8 years to serve before you can leave the military. Ask them about health benefits and what type of careers you can get into from your ASVAB scores. Where to take the ASVAB test and what to expect during training. You have to be physically fit to endure their basics but its not too hard: only 1 and 1/2 mile run, 1 minute push and sit-ups.

Go travel and live life to the fullest and stay out of trouble before you sign up. Recruits don't like you having no trouble with the law, so you can't join with a bad record! Peace!

Debi (not verified) says...

Navy, agreed. Do something in the line of strategic planning. When you get out, plan to build your own community theater in whatever town you call home. Being a business owner after the foundation of a Navy education would be perfect. Good luck and Thank you for all of your efforts.

stark027 says...

Pick a career that will not require you to have a ton of interaction with other people. You probably will do better having the freedom to do your own thing and be very analytical. (Google INTJ careers and you'll see some good suggestions.) Personally, I landed up by accident doing accounts payable. The highly detailed, analytical part of it suits me perfectly, and I can do it extremely well. It is VERY difficult and stressful for me, though, to be polite, calm, and professional--and NICE--when I have to constantly explain to vendors what they have done wrong and what they have to do to fix it, especially when they keep being incompetent over and over again (and that is a big part of my job.) INTJ's aren't known for tolerating other people's mistakes well.

Maria_kj says...

Thank you for the advice everyone!

I strongly consider continuing in the Navy now, but I think I will take a free year to explore the world a bit first.

I checked how long I would have to stay in if I did the career thing there, and I would have to stay for at least 7 years (I'm not American ;) ). I want to be completely sure before starting on something that long!

Guest (not verified) says...

I think the military is painful for INTJ's. We like order but the military is about rules that don't make any sense. It's a pool of mindless drones marching to the beat of a drum that sounds terrible to an INTJ. If you like the thoughts of being imprisoned and someone telling you what to do ALL the time, then the NAVY is a good place for you. I was in the ARMY but all branches basically bring about the same level of conformance that is painful. You are smart and resourceful, you can figure out ways to travel on your own and not be held on a ship for 6 months in the middle of the Persian Gulf or some other war zone hoping that you don't die but wishing you were dead because of the decision you made. I'm just keeping it real.

Charles MG (not verified) says...

Go to Officer Candidate School and specialize in a rigorous academic field. As a Petty Officer you did not make use of your particular gifts, nor meet many compatible people. As an officer you have better options, and even if you decide to change fields later you have a better road ahead. Alternative is use GI benefits and go to college and find yourself, but the more rigorous the field the happier you will be.

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