Feelings What's up with them!? I can't get away from them for too long, I feel other peoples pain just by looking in there eyes,you don't need to tell me anything, Its like what happened to you happened to me but then I drown in your emotions I get drunk off of it. Yeah sometimes I can turn them off which I think is an amazing gift but unfortunately not every time I need to especially when I'm tired and drained from being around too many people for too long.I practically lose myself I get lost in this world of my mind I forget who I am . This is all coming from a tired and drained INFJ haha, deffinitely time to stare at the ceiling for an hour :) please tell me what you think about my blurt. I Hope it makes sense.


FirecrackerVine says...

Yes, I can relate to your natural connection to others.

In the 1990s I recall hearing the PBS radio celebrity interviewer, Diane Rehm of the Diane Rehm Show, tell a caller that "she need to thicken the walls between herself and the world." She said the caller was "way too sensitive." My ears were so excited to hear the female caller's comments because I totally related to her worries.

Oh, dear.

I had to laugh; I think Ms. Rehm was not aware of the MBTI personalities. She might have well have said, "You really must change the color of your skin."

It is a paradox that the INFJ empathy trait does not make one feel connected or in harmony with others.

I am a designer, an artist and illustrator. I have achieved at a high level academically and professionally but never economically. My Dad was worried I was going to (waste) my life watching the world go by. I am good at BEING and THINKING. My Dad was a fighter pilot - one of the first to pass the sound barrier in the 1950s and active role player in 2 major historical military events - he was an extraordinary DOER. I never fit well in my family. You can imagine I was so happy to find out about MBTI when I was 35 years old.

The feeling you have will not go away. I hope you find achievement in the natural struggle to believe you are important to this world; you are. I am 60 years old and I have noticed my favorite INFJ contributions have not been in my field but as a CATALYST. In design meetings, family gatherings I have inserted observations or topics that enliven conversations and make better outcomes. That is not a measurable skill and often subtle and missed but, wow, it is valuable.

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