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I've been thinking about this for some time, and I'm interested to know whether parents of certain types are more likely to raise their kids to be INTPs. So, I have a question - what are your parents MBTI types? Do you think they influenced how you grew up, and morphed you into an INTP? If you have siblings and you know their type, please include that information as well, as I would like to see how they correlate.

Anecdote time!
My ENFP friend has a very interesting family, especially pertaining to their personality types. His parents are an ENFJ/INTP couple, and have three kids with different personality types - the eldest an ESTP, the middle an INFJ, and the youngest, my friend, an ENFP. Interesting how he seems to be a combination of both his sibling's types - The extraversion and perceiving traits of his eldest sibling mixed with the intuition and feeling traits of the middle sibling. I find this fascinating. Thoughts? Theories as to why this may be? Let me know!

In terms of my own family, I have come to the conclusion that my dad is an INTP and my mother the quintessential ESFP. I remember as a kid relating to my dad so much more than my mom, probably because we were closer in type. But this raises the fundamental question - is our personality type inherent in our genetics, or is it a product of how we are raised? This is of course a reflection of one of the most integral and elusive questions in psychology, the nature vs. nurture debate. My sister is an ESFJ, and always relates to my mom better seeing as they are both ESF's.

There's my story, but I want to know other INTP's family and their types. Let's see if we can find any interesting connections!!! Leave a comment:)



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Hello Lexie! I am a female INTP with 100% introversion. I found the topic of the conversation very interesting. So, here is my family members' types-

Father- ENFJ; Mother- ESFJ; younger Brother- ISTP

Due to my personality type and introversion, in my family I am known as "alien from Mars", "rude", "not normal" etc. I had great difficulty to relate to my parents in my childhood as both of them are extroverts. I believe their extrovertism had an opposite reaction on me and developed the strong Introvert factor. Also as a child and still now I suffer from intense stammering, so that can be the main cause, I guess.

In a nutshell, I was somewhat detached from everyone- my family and the few superficial friends I made due to the common route to school. But I never had any difficulty to converse or mingle with my brother. As a child the only person I could feel an affinity with was my male INTJ cousin (on whom I unavoidably developed a crush when I was only 4 years old.)

As I grew up I could relate more to my father, may be because we share the iNtuitive characteristic. I can never understand my mother, though I respect her and occasionally support her in emotional distress. And that probably made my Feeling side and as a whole, my personality to become mature. Yes, It might be my vanity as INTP but even if I am 19, I think myself as a matured person and I am proud of it.

Due to my experience with SF from birth, I could make an ISFP my best and only friend. It is astonishing how common we are as well as how much I can learn from her.

In the end, there is definitely an effect of our environment (family, friends etc.) on our personality but I think the personality type is innate and cannot be made but only supported to grow by our own experiences which are derived from our interactions with the environment. In other words, I do not think anyone can morph their child to become a certain personality type. I believe I was an INTP from birth, my environment only helped to adjust the intensity of cognitive functions. And this is the same case with my brother (I think.)

Yei! It feels so good to discuss intellectual ideas in text. I am up for more discussion on this topic if needed. Good day!

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Mother - ISFP
Sister - ESFJ
Grandfather - ENFJ
Grandmother - ISTP

I think one's Myers Briggs is a result of the child's experiences during early childhood.

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Are you an intp? Cause as far as my knowledge goes an esfj mother more than often has an intp child

My family ÷


Mother - esfj (verified )


Father - not verified but my guess is he's an stj i can't for sure say whether an estj or an intj cause he falls in between somewhere.


Brother - istj (this my guess though based on my knowledge  of these 16 personality types)


If you are an intp you are most likely  to have an esfj mother. And due to this you are prone to have trouble with your mother during your teenage. I an INTP dont get along at all with my mother. This is only natural though cause intp and esfj are the least type to get along in the end -


Some types showed greater partner dissatisfaction in general. Women married to INTP men had the highest level of dissatisfaction, at 31%. INTP is one of the least common types in the population, and INTPs may find it especially important to find a like-minded partner. - taken from truity site's 'compatibility and pesonality type' page.

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I'm INTP and my mother is ESFJ. As a child I was very extraverted and social. In puberty I became INTP. Upbringing!

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