Hi! I'm an ESTP and lately I've really been struggling in school. It's not that the classes are hard, it's just hard for me to find any real motivation to strive to achieve other than the threat of flunking. What makes it worse is the fact I KNOW I'm capable of being the best in my classes or at least doing better.

I just don't have the motivation and wish my classes were more exciting and useful than they seem to be. I also really dislike the routine that the classes follow everyday-it's almost like I'm trapped for hours on end.

 Is lack of motivation a normal thing in ESTPs or am I just being lazy?


Gabrielle Inzen (not verified) says...

I've been feeling the same thing! I'm also an ESTP and I just hate routines. I think it's a normal thing because I've read that we tend to hate routines and love freedom. But, I think you should find your motivation. For example, I tend to be lazy and thankfully I have a friend (who's an INFP) that can relate to me (we are both P that's why we relate to each other) so we can motivate each other, maybe even study together. I love a good company when studying that's why I would ask my friend to study together. I tend to get bored easily that's why studying with a friend really helps to reduce the boredom.

I hope this helps. :) Good luck!

Elzabie (not verified) says...

I'm an ESTP personality type and usually had no problem getting up in the morning to go to gym, but recently I don't even want to get up for work.

Does anyone know how an ESTP-A personality can motivate themselves to do what needs to be done?

Dre (not verified) says...

im a ESTP and hated school all the way through college. Find a job you generally like and you’ll do fine. 

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