Hi everybody.

I'm an ESTP. We're supposed to be pragmatic, tactical, and effective at getting things moving. But something keeps bogging me down: I endlessly worry about whether what I'm doing is 'moral' or not. I put it in quotes because I already know what I'm going to do is perfectly moral: but I'm perpetually dogged by the feeling I'm doing something wrong. I always feel like I need to refer to some authority to be certain that what I'm doing is right. Like I said, I know what I'm doing is right, but I have a hard time convincing myself of it.

Do other ESTP's have this experience? I'll be happy even just to know that others feel the same way.


Hansmeier (not verified) says...

Good day,

Yes but thats more of a personal thing than a personality thing. 

Now, all things you do are wrong. But so are all things you are doing wrong right. 

See, it doesnt make much sense. Morality is something that doesnt have place in a free and open society because we dont have a master that shows us morality.

The only thing you can ever do is set your own priorities like honesty or respect and act acordingly to them. 

There is no such thing as morality, its made up and nothing more than a word with emotions attached to it. 

I hope this helps :)


TLDR: All things are wrong, all things are right, morality is only a word, set your own priorities.

MW (not verified) says...

Hi, I am an ESTP as well. I just so happened to stumble on this post out of boredom/curiosity. 

Anyway, I personally haven’t had that experience, but I can relate to some of it. I used to worry a lot about whether I was doing things the “right” way—not so much morally, but socially. It has always bugged me that there aren’t official rules to dealing with people and that everybody seems to have his/her own “rules” and expect others to magically figure them out. 

About your persistent feelings that you are doing something wrong—I think you should talk to somebody. You might just be going through a normal phase, or you might have something like anxiety. I’m definitely not an expert. Also, consider your life situation. Is something stressful going on in your life? Is there a reason why you have so much self-doubt? If so, address it. Everybody has some self-doubt every now and then, and sometimes it’s hard to be assured that you’re making the right choice. But when your self-doubt is controlling your life, you need to fix it. 

kat733 (not verified) says...

I'm an INFJ, but I just wanted to say that all things are not right, and all things are not wrong. Is it right to murder someone for no reason? Is it right to torture an animal for fun? My advice is to look to following the ways of Jesus. He set a moral compas for us that is hard to argue against. Look at people's lives who truly live by "the way", and see the results. No one is perfect, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to live morally. Best to all of you.

vargy (not verified) says...

Am too a ESTP. I would say it's a confidence issue your lacking. I have experienced what you been through for years till today but I always tell myself we are not born genius or woke up knowning everything. You need to find your confidence and stop over-thingking all this self-doubt will leave you in a mental struggle. I found the following activities useful: simple walking, swimming, more protein, less carbo during lunch-time & dinner helps moderate the stress hormones, having conversations with people you wouldn't - this I hate but it truly helped me with my confidence, anxiety issues. Don't ask for validation but just go with the flow unsure seek some help from friends or co-workers, never ask people how they find you.

A&O (not verified) says...

Hi,  if you're still feeling this way, I'd ask, on what are you basing your judgments about what is right or wrong?  Yes, there are going to be complexities and nuances to different situations, but what is your Anchor/value system based on? I recommend reading the Book of John in the New Testament, for starters (you could look up a modern translation like ESV). It might answer some important questions and quell those doubts.


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