Im an ESTP college student looking for the right career path. Any ESTP's who love/hate their jobs? What do you like and dislike about your job?

ESTP college dude


KJ (not verified) says...

Well I am not an ESTP but my good friend is one and we talk about his career a lot. He is a general contractor and he likes some parts of it, but others are stressful. I think he enjoys the craftsmanship of it, like if someone needs a special cabinet made, he really likes designing it and making it himself. But a lot of his job is just planning and making sure all the details are organized and making absolutely sure everything is done on time. I think that part is really stressful for him which makes sense because planning is supposed to be an ESTP's kryptonite.

I think maybe if he was just a carpenter or a woodworker he would like that better, but of course that doesn't pay as well as managing a larger construction company which is why he hasn't gone that route.

Also he is always doing some extreme sport or another so probably if he could be a professional dirt bike racer or something, that would be his dream job. :)

J@cques (not verified) says...

I'm in sales and love my job.

Hollie Happiness (not verified) says...

I'm a waitress, I absolutely LOVE my job.

I've had far too many jobs in different fields, for my age. But this job, which I took after being made redundant five years ago, was just meant to be temporary, to get me by until I found my feet again. Have never looked back since. It's a poor wage but my mental and physical health matters more to me.

What do you fancy doing? X

Raz says...

I'm in sales and I don't necessarily love my job but I'm excellent at it with very little effort (which makes everything easy, the money is there as well).
I would say be in sales, if you find it exciting good! If not, use the money to do something exciting.

Cheers !

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