What kind of avice can I give to my co-workers to better understand me and help to work with me?



Personiquoi says...

Hey! ENTP here. I actually work with an ESTJ, and she and I are best friends. I'm actually kind of jealous of her mind, in that she's so concrete, focused, sharp, and factual. Nothing escapes her notice, she understands situations at a realistic, ground level. I think these are perhaps some of your strongest skills. You're able to grasp a situation quickly, learn about it through facts, and then assert more facts into the situation to correct it. Maybe try explaining to your coworkers that you're not trying to be unkind or aggressive, simply wanting more control over circumstances so the job can be done quickly and easily. Think of it like a laboratory, I guess. If the job is done right, with no deviation, no distraction, and using only data available to you, then everyone goes home safe and soon. 

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