I have finally hard a full description of my personality type and I feel good that I am part of the 8% of women who describe them selves as ESTJ. I see myself as a leader and someone who is organized but the jobs for a ESTJ were not one that I am. I am a teacher and I am surprised that "TEACHER" roles are not described as leadership roles.To be a teacher you have to be efficient, organized, want to fulfill your commitments, energized by time with others, pay attention to facts, and a hard worker. Any how, I now can explain to others what personality type I am and break down the reasons why I do what I do and why I think or make decisions.
Arlene Carrillo


MattC (not verified) says...

I test as ESTJ too but am a computer programmer.  Only ever once held a superv. position and that was as an asst. superv.  However I was young and prob. today I could do much better supervising others than I feel I did back then, or I should say, I am sure I'd be much more comfortable doing so than I did back then.  Back then though I tested as INFP, a decidedly non-supervisory personality.  So that I now test ESTJ is quite striking to me.  Time and experience in life does change people and the way they view themselves and the world, affecting their interactions with the world, which is what these tests are looking at for the most part.

Being a s/w person pays well and switching from that to a diff job would include possibly a pay cut that I am just not ready to accept.  Becoming a s/w personnel superv. is a possibility but that particular kind of supervision has its own pitfalls as well as rewards.  I guess I will have to give this some thought.  At my age, it would not be too hard to convince an employer to let me give it the old college try.  That I am 49 and still writing code is unusual in s/w engineering, as employers like to hire younger ppl generally with the most recent skills.  I interview well (Capatain BS strikes again!) so that may explain how I have managed to survive, but the rule for those over 40 in s/w engineering is *usually* move up or move on.  The demand for us has increased the past 10 years and that may explain why us dinosaurs are still getting a place at the table.  Plus just b/c one is an old dog does not mean he cannot learn new tricks.  I am good at learning new tricks, not always the best at implementing them though.  I am a good general programmer but I have worked with ppl much more competent/smarter than me, which is humbling, but a learning experience.

Sorry for babbling. :)

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