Lately I gee mixed results.I feel like I'm both practical and idealistic. I can be in my thoughts for hours but I'm also super observant. How can I tell if I a true SP or NP?


lexie.white says...

Sometimes it's difficult to differentiate between S and N, I must agree. However, the main thing to remember about SPs is that they tend to be risk-takers. Adrenaline junkies. Very in tune with their environment, and perceptive of the world around you. Especially the extraverted SPs, since extraverted sensing is their dominant function.

Here's an example. I have a friend who's an ESTP, and she is one of the most perceptive individuals I know. She can tell if something is up with me even before I realize there's something up with me. She notices slight changes in her environment that I miss completely. She is a true thrill-seeker, always looking for her next adventure, always hoping to push the boundaries of what can be done.

Another friend of mine is an ENTP. Crazy, whacky guy. Lives in a whole different world half the time and totally misses out on what's going on down on earth. He comes up with all these weird and unconventional theories and sometimes when I spend time with him I feel like his mind is going a mile a minute and that it's hard to keep up. He can't stay focused on just one thing for more than a minute before something else catches his attention and he moves on to that. And he's definitely not afraid to be strange and out there.

So yeah! Those are some of the main differences I observed between Se-users and Ne-users. Se and Ne are actually quite alike, because they both like to expand on possibilities and are very adventurous. I really hope this helped...!

By the way I am an INTP and a Ne user, however it is my auxiliary function.

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