I’m really interested to know how many ENTPs also have ADHD. They seem to go hand-in-hand: short, intense attention spans, distractibility, hyperfocus, poor self-discipline, impulsivity, resourcefulness, out of the box creativity, brains working at hyperspeed. Thoughts?


Veronicabates (not verified) says...

ENTP female here- I have diagnosed adhd, but it took an extremely long time for my doctor to diagnose it, as me and her both kept seeing the symptoms as fundamental attributions rather than ones caused by the disorder. Even with the medication, I tend to be hyper and impulsive, but I have a much longer attention span than I would otherwise. 

WLP (not verified) says...

ENTP female diagnosed at 44 y/o here. Earlier this year I was at the point where I was set to give up my 2 young boys because I could not handle their lives and schedule along with mine. It was all increasingly going from bad to worse.

The ironic thing about my situation was that I was a longtime ADHD "hater". Then a spate of ADHD-related events occurred in 2018 within a short time span and I coincidentally came across a discussion in an ENTP female private group forum discussing the topic. That flagged things for me which led me to seek out and take multiple online ADHD diagnostic tests and, sure enough... 

As I attempted to get professionally diagnosed, I faced not being believed by the medical providers I consulted with. It got really antagonist with one psychiatrist in particular who said if I truly was ADHD, I would have been diagnosed as a child. I eventually secured an appointment with a doc who specialized in the diagnosis 2 hours away who deemed I was a "textbook" case. 

Got put on 50mg of Vyvanse and the initial clarity and functional capacity I experienced was incredible. I put the plans I had in place to give up my kids on hiatus and my boss was duly impressed with how was I consistently getting into work on time among other work-related improvements <-- the other crushing difficulty I was experiencing.

However, I have found that medication is not a cure-all. 3 months in and the effects have leveled off. My doc recently increased my dosage (still need to pick up the new prescription). We will see how that goes. I feel like the last month has been a backslide of sorts.

There was a lot of initial anger and frustration being diagnosed this late in life, but I eventually got over it. It got boring and I moved onto the next thing to become excited or pissed off about (ah, the benefits of being an ENTP).

The more I have researched and read up on the condition, I have come to realize all of the benefits (yes, there are some) and obstacles (more than the benefits so far, ugh) ADHD has created and caused in my life over the past few decades. At this point, I still don't know what the future holds despite all of the hopes and possibilities that are always in play / development.

Finances have always an issue. Despite being consistently employed (lots of W-2 jobs alongside multiple solopreneur side hustles), I have not had notable career success. It's been standard fare for me to have 2 or 3 jobs going on at the same time, but lack of financial planning and making an effort to save will translate into interesting retirement prospects.

As far as the entrepreneurial ventures go, I am quite sure I would be able to build an empire if I could ever keep the initial excitement and focus going past the building / launch / client-building phase. But it seems that once I build the website, execute the marketing, secure the paying clients, and get the positive online reviews, I am over it. The mission has been "accomplished". lol And so it goes.

Funny thing is, financially I KNOW how to be good with money, but am mostly terrible with it in real life. I make the same annual salary now as I did in 2003 (I recently shocked myself when I found the tax stubs recently - not a good feeling).

With concerted effort and slightly better money management decisions made over the last couple of years, my credit bureau is WAY better though. That is, not in the sewer below the toilet (low 400's!). As a result, I have multiple credit cards again, along with the good sense to pay them (and my other bills) on time now (with advanced age comes some bonuses). BUT, impulse buying is contributing to high credit utilization and a now depreciating score. God help me when the 0% interest periods end.

So, 3 steps forward, 1.5 steps back. I could potentially be living under a bridge in time, yes. But knowing myself, it's highly doubtful.



Erich (not verified) says...

41 year old guy here.  I remember getting tested as a kid as my parents thought I had it, and I recall the doctor/therapist saying, he doesn't have adhd, he simply doesn't care.  I found it humorous at the time, and still do, but I think my mind just moves on to the next challenge.  Once I have it "solved", I just move on.  As for finances, I learned my spouse has to handle them.  I can plan it to death, but the next new shiney is too tempting for me.

Cecilia says...

I think any ENTP “tested” for ADHD will receive that “diagnosis”.

Nikki says...

Interesting observation. Yeah, I got diagnosed with ADHD senior year of highschool

Bridget J Ramos (not verified) says...

I'm an ENTP who is also ADHD. I see pronounced differences in the way my personality expresses when I'm on my meds. I still get bored and have trouble completing things, but ONLY things that do not interest me instead of everything. I think you can be both, but I see why it would be hard for someone with neither to tell precisely which.

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