Hello everyone,

I’m a senior in high school and my personality type is ENTP. I will likely begin college this summer and I am a bit conflicted regarding which major to choose. I should start by saying that I lean more towards the verbal/grammatical side of things than towards mathematics. On my SAT, I scored a 740 on reading and a 670 on math. While I recognize that my strengths are largely writing-related, both are good scores and I am still considering engineering as a possible undergrad before law school. Assuming that admission into a good law school is more important to me than engineering, is this worth the risk? Are ENTP’s typically cut-out for engineering, and are there other majors that I should consider? Economics? Journalism? Business? Any help is appreciated, and I understand that this is largely personal preference, but I was hoping to hear from some fellow ENTP’s. Thank you! 

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