Hi I am a junior double majoring in Bio and French and need some ENTP guidance.

Ive been going on the premed track because Im very good with science and math and the job is dependable but, only recently have I finally accepted that I dont WANT to be a doctor. 

Being an ENTP, I am at the crossroad of "sucks to suck, your're this far into the undergraduate education process, it doesn't make sense to turn back now" and "the only logical thing I can do is to turn back and figure out what I actually would like to do to avoid wasting any more time."

Any guidance, especially from fellow ENTPs who are perhaps farther in the career process, would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.




Tobiah (not verified) says...

If you find something you really like to do, you will become very good at it.
It will lead you to places that youll love and wouldn't have been able to imagine as a young man. 
You will be able to do what you love for the rest of your life! The rest of your life would equal a lot longer time to waste compared to the years you've spent in school. Your future could also be spiced by adventure and love, instead of guts and bad job conditions working under people who just might be dumber than you are. 

I cringe just thinking about that. 

If you like science and math you have a great world out there to experience but also dont forget to experience the world within you. That'll make the external world youre living in now seem ridiculous. 


Keith L (not verified) says...

You are good at science and math, so find a Bio related career/major that interests you. Like working outdoors? Field research. Like working indoors? Lab/statistical research on already collected data. Like alcohol? Do some projects on yeast during your school time and make a career out of professional brewing. If you are concerned about "wasting any more time", consider switching the French major to a minor, which would probably free up a few semesters worth of classes so that you can make up for lost time and work towards your new single Biology major. Unless you are planning on moving to France, or an employer specifically lists "fluent in French" as a job requirement, they really aren't going to care whether you had a major or minor in French.

Being an ENTP myself, I majored in computer science with a focus in networks. When I had extreme difficulty taking Calculus II (required as a network major), my career goals changed and I switched my major to computer science with a focus in databases. With the "wasted time" spent taking networking classes, I had to go to college for a 5th year, so I also declared a business minor at the end of my 4th year to make my extra year there more productive. Now I work for a hospital system as a data analyst/report writer, and I'm very glad that I switched my major.

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