As an ENTP, I find the school enviroment quite wird I would say?

I'm gonna have to sort my grievances into catagorys that I havent yet decide how many.


Authority Figures:

I think if you are an ENTP, you're probably gnna find authroity figures a bit of an issue. I constantly have run ins with teachers because of things I dont agree with, or dont understand (such as rules)


Focus In class:

as ENTPs we find it quite difficult to focus on one task for a certain period of time. My lessons are usually about an hour long, but about 20 minutes in I'll find myself playing angry birds, or typing this under the desk.



As naturally flexible people and extreme procrastinators xD I find homework or project deadlines particularly difficult to conform to.

Other than that, yeah it's pretty cool. 



jeanne basantè says...

On your first point you shared your problem with authority figures. As an ENTP, i also found (for a major part of my elemetary education), that i did not fit the "perfect student" image - because I like to play the "devil's advocate", question adult's authority and also question rules of etiquette- and therfor clashed with many of my teachers. In recent years though, i found a better way to deal with this problem. To put it simply, manipulation. Though it is hard, i encourage you to go along with what your teacher is saying, maybe even support her "wrong" points (for a while). Follow the rules set by the teacher, as ridiculous as is seems, and if it makes you feel any better, write down aguments you would usually use to defend ur behavior. Do this for practice as it will improve your  futur arguments). Once you feel like the teacher has grown to somewhat lie you, slowly start to object to some of her rules or ideas. Remember to do it in a very respectable manner and avoid any use of language, facial expression or tone of voice that may trigger her to reprimand you for your comment. Make ur arguments formal and based (if you can) on an already set rule. She willl not be able to debate smething already set. No rule is wrth more than another (in most cases ;) ).  Do not base your arguments on simple oppinion, as you will sound like an unedicated whining child. As Harlan Ellison said, “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”. (very INTJ of me). This way, not only will she not be able to object to your claim, but you will make her look like an idiot. 

I must say i was disspointed by your second point. Not the part where you explain that you are unable to consetrate but the part where you say what you do instead of listening. Playing a game like angry bird is completely useless. Instead of playing useless games, why not learn soemthing new. Knowledge is power and personally, I greatly value power. Power enables you to share your ideas to a bigger audience and be respected for them. 

I must agree with you on your third point, though I find that my last minute work is my best work.  

°RosieMessed° says...

As an ENTP I don't really have problems with authority figures, maybe I am an exception but I am capable of listening to orders when I see their hard work and dedication to their subject, and logical arrangements as well. I may don't like some of them, but I am more intelligent not to mess with the wrong people, when you're not in the position to do so.

Atte says...

I know what you mean... VERY WELL. It's just impossible to agree with everything teacher says! Luckily I have really good teachers; some of them are really intelligent and even want to get into argument with students - It's like a heaven for ENTP student!

focusing - also impossible. I just can't think only about topic of the lessons, especially when it's easy... I used to read books or draw during lessons, but my current teacher wasn't ok with that (even I was always getting best grades) so now I'm just dreaming awake.

homework.. What is that? I don't know, I just don't do them. Or do during lesson. God, I spend 8h at school every day, it's definitely enough! School is for studying, not home!  

Guest (not verified) says...

I prefer Socratic Irony for dealing with authority figures. That way they expose their own ignorance & can't blame me for being defiant.

I can't tell what grade you are from your post, but I'm guessing you haven't made it to college yet. When you do, I have one very important tip: always read the syllabus. Know that document inside and out because it's legally binding & lets you know exactly what you can get away with. Pay special attention to the attendance policy & the late work policy. Grading scales are usually school-wide, but these other policies are usually set by individual professors. Prioritizing the classes with stricter policies is a smart way to work the system & give yourself more time to finish homework assignments.

Wanna Guess? (not verified) says...

I'm in High School, an Id have to quiet honestly say I hate it. I have 7 classes, 52 minutes for all except fourth (lunch) and it's a miniature version of hell in the sense that, just when things start to get interesting, we have to go. I also have a shit attention span and debate with Most of my teachers. Luckily, this year, most of my teachers put up with me and made me take several seats a couple of times. One let me ask her questions and talk out stuff I wasn't paying attention to and that's how I passed her class, passed everyone else by doing work the period before. Only did homework for geometry, on the bus, because she graded on how many you did, not how many you got right??

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