idk if i am intj or entj /infj or entj :/ . reasons are ... sometimes, i prefer to be alone others i am charged by social events .i enjoy company but sometimes feel my energy drained by it .i can highly feel others emotions but i am also sometimes aloof to feelings .its true i avoid my emotions but, i feel like i have to face them and logically sort them out .. i do not like conflict or arguing .zodiaclly i am a (sun) Taurus in (moon) aries .i am very confused in my personality type but can locate others personality rather easily .....i feel like i am a bit of every personality :P but the reason i think i am ENTJ/INTJ/INFJ/INTJ is because most test taken by me gives the same results .......


Guest (not verified) says...

I don't think that this is a matter of being one or the other, because we are all human, and will therefore not be 100% of any one thing. The 'true measure' is to associate the test results and descriptions to one's habits/preferences/experiences and reactions, etc through life, which is what it appears you have done. Oddly, it seems to be me that you are not 'confused'- you have acknowledged a 'blending' of types, based on your known preferences!

JohnB. (not verified) says...

I have taken several M-B type tests and sometimes bounce between ENTJ and INTJ. Some of the comments on both types are spot-on target, most are pretty close, but a few from either type are a little off. I think this is normal, the types are generalizations and a perfect match would be rare. For the E- and the I- think of it as more a range, and sometimes we are responding to a situation. Like 60-40 one way or 40-60 in other situations. So maybe tough to quantify exactly for some of us while other may be more like 90-10's.

For myself, I think I often default to a more quiet Introverted mode, as I don't need to be the center of attention and may not talk much in groups of strangers if I do not have anything useful or intelligent to add. More like I don't feel the need to impress others, and meeting new people is neither challenging or exciting but somewhere in between, depending on circumstance. However, when I do have something to say I don't hesitate to speak up and with some confidence. I can take charge of groups or teams, and did very well with leadership when I was in the Air Force. Public speaking does not bother me, be it a classroom, a church (eulogy), or 500 person workshop, etc. Usually that is invigorating, so not sure that reaction sounds like an Introvert exactly. Sometimes I'm quite a chatterbox- but it's more about the topic than getting attention. Or maybe I am just a "high functioning" I- crossing into E- territory? :D

I suspect that is true for a number of ENTJ's/INTJ's... it can be a fine line. Read through the descriptions of both and don't worry if you are in the grey area with a little overlap. I notice most of the recommended job areas, books, etc. are mostly the same.

Guest (not verified) says...

Many people have this trait, they're called ambiverts! Basically, they enjoy people and enjoy their quiet time.
I think it's the best of both worlds.
Another observation, is that some people allow themselves to be more introverted as they age.
Maybe it's because they aren't so concerned about what other people say or think.
Or because they are truer to themselves.
Just sharing.

Guest (not verified) says...

I had the same thought and wondered could I be both?
I enjoy being social but when I am tired, stressed or recovering from day to day stuff then I require alone time. My family laughs that I say this because they can't understand how someone wants to be alone.
Sometimes, I really need to just be me without opinions, thoughts, judgement. I want to recharge by reading a great book, magazine or watching tv shows that keep me entertained for hours. It's my recharge time.

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