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I just have recently done the personality type test, and I have got ENTJ personality type. At first, I was happy as it does represents me though the results, in the 2nd time doing the test,were too close to ENFJ type. However and despite if it is ENTJ or ENFJ type, I did life partner test and I also had ENFJ for both types. What concerns me is that according to statics my chances to meet my life partner with ENFJ is too low as ENTJ women are there in 1% and 3% for ENFJ men!!! Even if I am ENFJ according to the results, I also only have 3 % for my life partner who is in both cases ENFJ. what can I do about that? I got very concerned #_#


nyx says...

MBTI does not determine whether you get a life partner or not.

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