Hello, I am an ENFJ to the core and the description is scary how much it matches me. I have been bursuing a career in the ent biz for over 20 years. I have had bits of sucess in  acting, dancing, clowning, producing, directing. I am so sick of being broke and I have this ache inside me to be bigger than where I am at as I so resonate with the whole Oprah is an ENFJ too. I built a building, I've thrown huge events and many succeses outside of the biz too. But I constantly STRUGGLE with making enough money just to cover the bills let alone invest in my artistic career path AND invest in my future, like saving for a house. I do not want to give up on my dreams to be successful in the ent biz but I do not want to wait on tables or work at a retail store or drive for uber earning pennies in this path anymore. Too old. Married now. I have a future to think about like traveling and perhaps children. I do not want to feel like I am giving up and helping people is reallly importnat to me plus for some reason public recognition is super importnat. So I need to factor that in since it seems to be one of my values. I am looking at going back to school for nursing now. I know I can feel like I am giving back but I wonder if there is leadsership in there? I have a huge natural draw to leadership. I need to be in charge. AND have recognition? What in the heck? Geez. Makes my head spin and causes depression for me feeling like I will never get it. But as soon as I am in charge of something again, I blow everyone away with what I have accomplished, then I am back to feeling down and wanting to quit when it is over again. So to appease my frustration, I am thinking that nursing will give me great pay to work 3 days a week, the opportunity to help people/give back and I can still take dance & acting while pursuing my art. It's not like I get auditions that often and making $1000 a year isnt't enough to survive. What do you guys think? Anyone else feel this way? Am I alone out here?

Even if no one reads this. It was great to journal dump this overwhelm out of me. Sorry for typos. Thank you guys. 


Shaya504 (not verified) says...

Hello, I am sort of in the same boat as you are right now. I think I can probably offer you some advice.

Instead of wondering, what will I do with “the rest of my life” think about what you want to do NEXT. We live our life one day at a time. All of your years in the arts certainly taught you what you enjoy the most, right?


Now, about money...Open your mind to new ways of making money. Could you work at an elementary school or for an after school program? Maybe you can take a break from the arts and work in marketing? Keep your eyes open for opportunity and know how much money you would like to make. If that number is $60,000 see what jobs are available with your skill set at that salary range.

Nursing is a career and a lifestyle, but it is important to know if you will like it. Before jumping in, I would suggest shadowing at a clinic and talking to real nurses.

For all of life’s problems, there are solutions. Don’t get down on yourself, just be open to the solutions. There are a million ways to earn money—try to find the ways you can make money that please you and honor your desires.

Best of luck!

Jeff Johannigman (not verified) says...

As a fellow ENFJ, I feel for the dilemma of your passions versus your bank account. As a career consultant, I have coached many creative types (often ENFPs and ENFJs) through similar issues. 

The problem is that people often look at the issue from an either/or perspective. I can EITHER pursue my creative passions OR find a job that pays the bills. But in the 21st century, the "one career / 40 hour work week / stay on the ladder until retirement" model is disappearing. More people are pursuing portfolio careers with two or three part-time or self-employed jobs. Often one can pay well enough to pay most of your bills, and still give you enough flexibility to pursue your heart's passions part-time. Your part-time nursing gig sounds like it might fit well into such a portfolio. 

I highly recommend you read "The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People" ( http://creativecareers.com/ ) . It is written specifically for people in situations like yours. Good luck!

Jeff Johannigman

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