Hi everyone,

for your information i already take this test 2 times. once when i was in university during my last semester(2012). Currently i work as electrical engineer and i admit sometimes i feel stress because its no suitable for me to be an engineer, what i can do is to give motivation to my teammates, listening to their problems and give the solution and that makes me happy, one of my teammate say to me that i should be a counselor, that makes me thinks a lot!!. when i took this test again on 2015, i still get the same result and it is ENFJ. its suits my personality. i realize that i need to change my occupation, maybe as lecturer in Electrical. I hope you guys can pray for my future! so i can be a lecturer.


ENFJ (not verified) says...

I just took this test twice and came up with the same results as well. My former friend was also an electrical engineer for the government. He worked in a small shop of 5 people that would basically figure out what the electrical shop could not. He found it boring at times after a period of time. It became routine for him. He decided to take a totally different career and became a successful realtor/broker; although, it seemed to me it was more work, he was very successful at it and appeared more pleased in his work.

jill2daniel says...

I am a CAD Detailer (Mechanical Engineering). I also got the same results and for a long time have gotten... you should be a counselor! I am going to make the jump this year! going back to finish my counseling degree... with the Lord's help!!

However, up until this point, i have been utilized heavily in improving processes. In the engineering world, this is where i feel most value added and utilized. I also have an artsy side to me, so I also write up Technical Documents for manuals and work instructions.

If you stay in engineering i would find ways like that to utilize your skills, in processes or maybe training...
If you jump ship! i'm a saying a prayer now that God will carry you through!

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