This is an extrovert style of personality. I noticed these tendencies by making it easier to talk to people and also to make new friend by being open about my personality. I understand how some people feel like that can't talk to people openly because they feel like they will be judged. Only thing i do not like about tjis personality is that they say it is judgemental but I personally are not. (Tayla Hale)


Markus (not verified) says...

Than you are maybe not an ENFJ :D
ENFJs first function is extraverted Feeling, which is a Judging Function. We definitly know, how we want to get things done and have strong values who are emotianol defended.
The case is, that we don´t enforce our views in a direct way, because after all, we seek harmony. But we are masters in advising and motivating people for theitr own good. Normally we try to understand all the people and so we don´t look judgemental, but deep inside we are.
See it like this: If you don´t judge things, you´re not able to define a perspective, because you can´t tell good and bad apart. So it´s very important to make sure to judge the right things:
Normally ENFJs don´t judge people, but certain aspects of their behavior. This gives us the opportunity to help them become better persons.
We are the secret Judgers ;)

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