I received a fairly confusing result - EN for sure, but borderline on the thinking / feeling dimension and borderline on the perceiving / judging dimension as well. Has anyone else received this? Can you offer some insight as to how I might interpret this result?

This leaves me as a possible ENTP, ENFP, ENTJ, ENFJ - which seem somewhat related but fairly different personality types. I suppose I can see how I deploy facets of each of these personality types in different areas of my life.

I am at a crossroads re: career direction, and was hoping for some guidance.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this!


K. Discern (not verified) says...

I've heard of this before. You are not alone. Some personality websites have a word for a person who ends up in the middle but I can't think of what it is. I am an INTJ.

First here is how you might have typed out T/F and P/J. Focusing on the P/J, the way you are around your friends may be different than when you are by yourself... for example I am a J so I like schedules. My friend who is disabled cannot move as fast as I can. She gets stressed out when people rush her. I love her dearly so when I am around her I just roll with it (and give myself a lot of extra time so I won't stress out). She typed me a P because that is the way I act around her, but by myself I am most comfortable a J. Now I am an introvert so when I want to know my true-self I look at when I am alone. You being an extrovert may need to do the opposite.

Second, the T/F part. I am a Thinker but I have almost tested out as a Feeler. I grew up around F people so I have learned to develop my feeling part more so than I see most of my type. So You may be a T with a higher developed F or you may be a F with a higher developed T. My friend is an F but she does a lot on the thinking side.

Third, now for Discerning: Read up on all four types and check out YouTube videos. Look for people of each type and pay attention to HOW they deal with or express characteristics. For example I was able to better clarify my type by studying HOW the INFJ and INTJ empathizes. The INFJ empathizes by just picking up the emotions of another person where as the INTJ empathizes by putting oneself in the other person's shoes and using the Fi (How would I feel about xyz) to understand the other person's emotions. The HOW really helped me to understand that I was a T with a high developed F.

Lastly, Don't box yourself in. This is another good reason to go on Youtube and look up the different types. INTJs are not consider the most creative type, but I defy the norm and I'm very creative. I found a few other INTJ and they are into creative arts vs just strictly mathematical work. So if you have a passion for something that is good and it isn't quite in your norm, don't be afraid to pursue it.

PS: on a practical note: Make sure there are job opportunists in that field. If You need to go to collage try to find the info for free or cheap and then just test out to get the collage credits... This will save you a lot of money.

I hope that helps,

K. Discern

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