Would you invite your friends to sit with your group at your tables in a restaurant when they come over by your tables?  I'm an ESFJ, and would feel hurt if my friends didn't invite me to sit with them.


person who is a grill (not verified) says...

well it depends alot, see if the restaurant is loud i wouldnt want to have really serious conversations with anyone, just more idle funny ones. if i saw my friends come in i would invite them over if i planned to talk with my present company in the restaurant, but if i came to the restaurant alone and it was much quieter there i might not be inclined to show them i was there because i would be having me time there. but if they saw me there i wouldnt ignore them and i would ask them if they want to sit to show them i appriciate their company. but if i walked into a restaurant alone and saw them there i would be sad if they didnt invite me to eat with them regardless of if it was loud there or not

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