Hi, I have scored consistently INFJ for a number of years. I have always had this thing about "injustice" my entire life. When my parents told me that there was no Santa Claus I was so incensed that I told every kid in the neighborhood. Some kids tied me to a tree and threw rocks at me. Fortunately, a neighbor rescued me. Another story - My grandfather had a cabin on fiver where we vacationed. To keep us kids busy he dumped a bunch of brass bearings in the water near his boat landing, and told us to pan for gold. We spent entire vacations panning for gold. I had a shelf of ball jars full of gold, and I thought I was set for life. When my mom told me they were full of brass, I couldn't believe it. Not being wealthy was disappointing, but the dishonesty made me lose all respect for my elders for a while.

Into my adult life, I have a lot of problems with dishonesty. I am very vocal when I see things that are unjust. It is a particular problem since I have an adult daughter in a nursing home. The folks that work there consistently have to work with bare minimum staffing levels, so a lot of things don't get done. A lot of the time, the understaffing results in violations of the law, that are more or less harmless, but nonetheless affect the dignity of the residents. Normally, it would be easy for them to cut corners because families rarely visit. But, hey I am an INFJ who is there everyday. I don't cut them any slack. If they violate the law I report them. I cannot not do it. The problem for me is that it is very tiring. It also bothers me deeply that if they follow the law with my daughter and provide minimal required care, it will take care away from someone else. If you're wondering why we don't move her somewhere else, we have. Sadly, these places are all basically all just as bad for Medicaid patients. So I am really tired of my super hero quest for justice, but my conscience won't let me stop. Anyone else have this problem?


asakim26 says...

Try to simplify the problem. [sorry for being super INTP in my respond]

It seems to me that you get emotional about problems that you experience which is not bad as long you have a solution upcoming.

If I were you - I would try to educate the environment around me to follow basic, simple principles in life such as dignity, honesty or whatever you find important.

First, I believe that in doing so you will feel that you are no longer in a combat stance which is for most of us energy drainer.

Second, the chances that you will get into "trouble" is less likely.

Third, you may actually ENJOY the process of making your environment a better place.

Agreed? hope i did not miss the point of your topic ^^

jamesacarstens says...

This is no problem. This is a noble endevour.

eaglerising2 says...

It is difficult for the just to observe injustice, just as it is difficult for the responsible to observe the irresponsible. Likewise, it is difficult for INFP and INFJ's to observe ignorance and denial, especially when your unable to do anything about it. It helps to be able to distinguish what can and cannot be done as in AA Serenity Prayer. Reality is the hardest thing for humans to effectively deal with and unconditionally accept.

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