Im an ENFP - and I fell in love with the charisma and energy of a very spontaneous ESFP. That said, the T in me revolted and also the N. While Iloved being around him, I also found it hard to talk about all the things I love talking about, and would often wonder how we would be able to have friends in common, as a couple. As an ENFP (with some strong T), gathering people together for inetllectual meanigful dinners is very fulfilling, and all this left me wondering where this sensitve sweet man would fit into my life. I was progressively fitting into his life more and more, and while I enjoyed the adventure, I wondered how this would look long term. Would I feel lonely? unstimulated? I very much wanted this relationship to work - because he captured my heart (and I love emotional intensity), but my mind battled against it, and eventually we parted ways. Now I miss him, but I dont know if we should try again.

Wondering if anyone has been in somewhat of a similar situation.



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