Made this Peronality Type test more times that I can remember.
Most hitting INTJ, about 99%.

But got also a tie between INTJ and INFJ. Some things acctually do fit into INFJ such as reading people's emotions and being complex.

(The Counselor has a unique ability to intuit others' emotions and will often know how someone else is feeling before that person knows it himself. They trust their insights about others and have strong faith in their ability to read people. Although they are sensitive, they are also reserved; the INFJ is a private sort, and is selective about sharing intimate thoughts and feelings)

But not so interested in other people in general...

Maybe there is another type outthere not stated...?


INTJ tigress (not verified) says...

It is possible to get a mix type, when it comes to INTJ or INFJ, they are so drastically different that you are probably either one or the other.

INTJ's thinking is what we most highly prize. If you find it easier to express emotion and understand others emotion...than great! you're an INFJ. If you feel things strongly, but have a difficult time showing it verbally or physically, then chances are, you're an INTJ. Feelers trust their gut feeling when making a decision, thinkers trust logic. Try looking back at a big decision you've made, and remember whether you used logic or emotion to choose.

There are YouTube videos explaining the difference between INTJ and INFJ which I found to be very helpful when considering this very question myself.

I consider INTJ's to be very complex, and we try to analyze the emotion of those we care about. In fact, if there's someone we love, sometimes we might OVER analyze and be hypersensitive to any signs of rejection from that person.

On the other hand, I know several INFJ's who are extremely kind people, and seem to almost be able to read my mind sometimes. Just because someone is a feeler, doesn't mean that through education they cannot learn to think logically. In this way feelers actually have the advantage because they can learn to think, whereas we thinkers cannot go to a school to feel.

I hope this explains it some, but if not try doing a search on YouTube for a more in depth explanation.

UO INFJ (not verified) says...

I'm grateful for your comment as old as it is. I've learned to think logically but I'm definitely a "Feeler" as you called it. 

Liderien (not verified) says...

the INFJ and INTJ are not drastically different. That would be the INFJ versus the ESTP. Thats drastic. Actually the INFJ and INTJ are very similiar in many ways. They are the only types to use both sides of the brain. They are so similiar in fact that this is a common problem for people. 

Smurf says...

Thank you for the feedback.
Seems that I was not the first getting confused about INTJ/INFJ results, according to the search results.

But, after reading a lot about these 2 types, INTJ fits the most (oeverwhelmingly). Even though I tend to be able to read people sometimes.

Did a test here: http://www.celebritytypes.com/test/infj-or-intj.php
24% INFJ - 76% INTJ

http://www.mypersonality.info/personality-types/thinking-feeling/ - I definitely have Thinking traits.
When it comes to Feeling I have;
Easily hurt

But my decisions are objective and logic and not made by heart. No doubt.

tiajello says...

You are born with one combination of letters. This does not alter or change at any given point during your life. The description of your type is the base of it, there are little things about you that can stem away from the description from your type. For example, as an INTJ I am a very logical person and I rarely show my feelings to people. INTJ's are often viewed as heartless. However, there are a few people I pour my heart out to, and when I do, it can be very emotional for me. As well, if I get VERY mad, I start crying... even around people I don't know well. And I hate it. It makes me look weak, which upsets me even more.
But anyways, there will be some exceptions to your type, it doesn't exactly mean you have mistyped yourself. If you are getting an INTJ result most of the time, chances are your type is INTJ.

Liderien (not verified) says...

Please post the sources in the your claim that we are just one combination of letters. Not only is this not true, but it is completely and utterly the opposite of Jungarian theory. 

dantelidium says...

You are probably an INTJ. I've read and experienced that INTJs are not emotionless. In fact we are very sensitive and have raging emotions at times, but what makes us INTJ is that our logic will take over and either hide or calm those emotions, so that they are not easily recognized by outsiders. An analogy that I really identified with said that our Logic with take care of or Feelings like a baby brother who is weaker and cannot defend himself. They said often we don't have a lot of natural control over our emotions because we are so emotionally stupid because we are used to just avoiding the problem of emotions. A lot of INTJ feel very emotional, but they will rarely show it outwardly.

Greta (not verified) says...

I had the same question but got 41% INFJ / 59% INTJ. I'm definitely not surprised that it was fairly close though.

Guest (not verified) says...

Hello, I think I'm a mixed type because I got either 10% T or 10% F or smack dab in the middle. So it's really tied any ways. Can you find a description of such a borderline T/F personality?


aveenash (not verified) says...

hi, sometimes i get an intj and sometime a infj...am i a combination of both?

Marsha (not verified) says...

In my experience, I would say Yes you are probably a combination. In fact, I think everyone is a combination of 2 types with one type being the foundation of your personality and the other type is the alter ego so to speak. Before going to college and working for a global cooperation in the oil industry, I always scored as an INFJ but now I score as an INTJ. I have a deep compassion for humanity and can become overwhelmed with deep emotions when I see or hear of the suffering of others or animals. But on the other hand, my title and the work I did after college was "Continuous Improvement Coordinator". I worked on improving systems and processes for efficiency. I have an eye for spotting inefficiencies and areas for improvement both in business and in everyday things such faster way to pick up what I need at the mall and do it in the shortest time possible. I can read people's emotions, body language, and quite often thoughts. I can often predict future actions or events based on current ones because my brain will play out all possible outcomes with regards to events, even for something as simple as someone saying "I am going on vacation in Hawaii," my brain will play out different paths of events and experiences that person might have while in Hawaii. Both all positive and fun experiences and even dangerous situations that should be avoided. Of course, I don't tell people this when having conversations because it would freak them out but I am rarely surprised when things happen or by what people tell me because, days, weeks or months prior to being told I have already played it out in my head. I am a combination of INTJ and INFJ no doubt about it. I started out from Birth as a Feeler and developed my Thinking function through education and life experience. I live in my head and when playing out scenarios I feel them as if they are really happening.

Guest (not verified) says...

what you said really made sense and i can relate with it

Jenny Tressler (not verified) says...

Marsha, I relate to what you are saying. I, too, believe that both descriptors fit me well, even if they can be contradictory. I have strong emotions, but tend to use logic when making a decision. I believe, however, I was born with a more thinking orientation and developed a feeling orientation later in life, but both are so close. I now test as an INFJ, but used to test as an INTJ. I relate more to the counselor description than the mastermind, but can be too detached and logical to appeal to some feelers.

Miles Campbell (not verified) says...

Wow. I would describe myself almost the exact same way. Its very comforting from both a personal and empirical stand point that someone else is a blend. Many personality tests and (MMORPGs) allow for you to have a personality and a sub-personality that creates a unique blend.

So, yes, I do believe that a person can be two different types, because they are parts of a whole. In every personality type I've taken Enneagram, Color Test, DISC test etc. I ALWAYS score high in two areas. So, no matter what, my personality and traits ARE a combination of two distinct types.

Right on.

some words (not verified) says...

I've had the same dilemma, as my result was also split. I relate to both the INTJ and the INFJ, but have no idea how to figure out which is my foundation, my core so to speak and which is as someone put it the alter ego. I don't quite trust the test either, so that's probably has something to do with it. Does anyone else experience intense feelings of not belonging whilst simultaneously wishing to help the world and gain personal power through doing so? Forgive me, this might be an obvious question, but like Jack Kerouac said, you gotta "find the others".

CS (not verified) says...

I think that I am both a T and an F and I am able to use one or the other when it is needed. I test pretty equally between the two depending on the day, the test and my mind set. Sure MBTI is a nice base for describing a certain way one may navigate through life, but it doesn't describe the entirety of a person. It would be silly to think that all humans fit within these neat little boxes all of the time if ever. The truth is probably something along the lines of personality not being something that must remain constant. One thing I've noticed from my F side is that MBTI doesn't take into account spiritual maturity. Sure INFJ's are considered more spiritually advanced in some ways but the level at which someone is truly spiritually mature would naturally go along with their level of intelligence. I know INFJs that believe in the "spiritual" idea of the Power of Attraction. If one researches this ideology and listens to it's gurus, it is quickly apparent that it is based in ego and is intellectually stunted. So in essence, if one is considered more advanced spiritually as the INFJ's are told they are (if you believe in this type of thing) then they better have some pretty strong logic to back up their ideas. If spirituality doesn't make sense in this world then the idea of spirituality in general is bogus. Ive met INFJs who are very logical and would never believe that crap and I've met those who do. There is a range of intelligence in any type. To be truly spiritually advanced, one must be highly intelligent as well (have a strong and clear T capability). 

F is useless and simpering without logic. To separate the two is ridiculous. It is entirely possible to have clear logic with strong and deep emotions. If you have common sense and logic, your emotions will be more valid because they actually make real sense! If emotions don’t make sense, then the person having them might want to dig a little deeper....  When T and F are balanced, humans make the best decisions. This makes sense that is common and is proven in studies where people loose emotional ability due to biological mental issues. To make the best decisions we need both. 

What about thinking of MBTI typing this way; the closer you are to being in the middle, being able to access at will E/I N/S T/F P/J this means that you are closer to becoming more balanced and more evolved as a person rather than a personality. The balancing of preferences or the ability to access what ones needs to engage in any situation with mental prowess and a lion heart is what I believe to be an integrated human. If you're not going towards this life long goal, than what’s the point of your life? If you have a point past this, fill me in. I’d like to hear your perspective. 

The less ones personality or ego is involved the more adept someone is at using all personalty skills and temperaments available to humans to attain their goals. Don't accept a one sided black or white, right or left definition of ourselves. The MBTI is interesting but I think it still misunderstands personalities in the context of using them for growth and the evolution to a new kind of human. We don’t want to stay within types. Why would we want this for ourselves?

If we get to this balanced place the world would change. The personal power we hold would naturally not be used for evil as the ego is under control along with all other aspects of personality. The ideal human would be able to use any aspect of any type at the appropriate time.

The INF is seen as an extrovert. This is because they have balance. The INT does have access to strong emotions internally but these may not be seen by all, (this doesn't mean they are less and in many cases may be much stronger and true than a blathering out of control F).  Can the INTJ be an extrovert when needed or express emotion if they so choose? Absolutely. Any type is able to create balance in their lives and access all personality if they work at it and choose it. But when it comes down to it who are those that choose to become balanced? What types want this for themselves? This I would say would be the most intellectually and emotionally intelligent of our species. What types are these?  I would say they can be of any type that is on the cusp of being the opposite. The ENFJ may be very close to an ISTP if they are balanced. And I’m not just stating that the opposite is necessary for each of the four spots. To be on the cusp of each means you are all types at any moment. 

So in essence, it is good practice to notice your preferences and work on developing the opposite preference rather than just defaulting into who MBTI sheep tell you that you are. We can all go deeper than that. 

(I understand that there is a neuroscientist out there saying our brains are in fact these black and white types. Just remember that intellectuals who do research need something to publish that makes them different. They need to come up with something "new" that hasn't been looked at or said before to make a name for themselves. This MBTI way to describe the human brain is limited. We are just now realzing that the left and the right hemispheres of the brain aren't as singular as we once thought.) No wonder we all have so many questions about it. 

Pasquale Charles Rollo (not verified) says...

I couldn't agree with you more and think you've said it best. It is truly frustrating to find out that in a number of scenarios you can test one way and then find yourself almost as a complete opposite in other scenarios. The truth of the matter is that if you are going to decide to be a boring un-changed person who never learns or grows (or to put it lightly, content with whom you are), then and only then will you test the same each and every time. I have taken the test a million times, mostly score as an INFJ, but have also scored as INTJ, ISTJ, & ISFJ. Does this mean that I have no idea who I am or does it depend on my mood and where my mind goes to when I'm prompted to answer these questions?

I think in the end we all must find suitable basis for the MBTI that we identify most with and then decide for ourselves, if we wamt to stay within that realm or develope other characteristics. Me personally, I am very comfortable as an INFJ and strive to develope it but every now and again, I need my "T" trait to come out. But then again I think that's the struggle of an INFJ, we fight with ourselves over our thinking / feeling trait because we are always "Judging" as opposed to "Perceiving". It puts us at odds with ourselves and eventually go with our gut.


B. (not verified) says...

Yes! You’re so right.

For some reason people seem to think it’s sooo unfathomably paradoxical for two (or more?) separate and perhaps completely opposing thoughts/emotions/perspectives/etc. to peacefully coexist within one’s mind, but it’s actually been said that this is a true indication of intelligence itself. (Sorry, I forget by whom.) Sadly, most of the population’s inability to process and accept info is basically the root of the world’s problems, is it not?.. and so closely tied is their inability to re-evaluate themselves. (Ego.)  Silly, really, how in our glorious quest to classify everything and hopefully gain a greater understanding of the world, some of us have actually cut our growth potential significantly by becoming so concretely sure of ourselves... There’s always room to grow, you know? It’s just up to you to stretch towards the sun. 

I, myself seem to be an INFJ on average, but humanity (and a brain with no f*ing ‘off’ switch) routinely bring out my inner cynic, and in that mood I’m definitely INTJ (...with a hint of whining about how everything would be fine if people weren’t such f*ing idiots.). No clue which came first, if either... but to be honest, for the traits I’m comfortable with, it is as you’ve said, Instantaneously choosing the best ‘filters’ in accordance with the situation and/or those involved. But people do become quite uncomfortable when they can’t put you in their nice little boxes. And it can also leave you feeling constantly misunderstood.

 But yeah.... I had about 50/50 on F/T  and something else as well—I believe my most dominant was Introverted at 77%— but I definitely think it all shifts a bit with my mood and well-being.

Being pretty introverted, I’m currently working on my extroversion with a job outside my comfort zone. People continue to exhaust me, but they’re still so cute when they’re happy. Plus I’m like 20% less socially awkward now and doing great at work. (: 

Conclusion: Worth it.

Philanthropy (not verified) says...

I have a personal theory that there are INTJs with an incorporated HSP diagnosis, in their nervous system. That could, however, be what makes an INFJ.

Bullet (not verified) says...

I too have feel like I clash between both personality types. Everyone says that they are drastically different because of their two clashing emotions, although for myself, I find it hard to find a difference between the two. I value Logic, but I also value peoples' emotions. It depends entirely on the situation, and not just situations concerning people I know or people I don't, or when people could be harmed or emotionally hurt, it just comes at the most random of times, it depends entirely on my mood. I've met very few people that have come into either category throughout my life (I'm only 20 mind you, although I did use to travel extensively). I have one friend, that lives almost 10,000 miles away from me, and one friend that lives literally an hour away. These two people are my two best friends and they're the only people I have met that think even the slightest bit like I do. One is an INFJ, although also experiences clashes of INTJ, and my other friend is an INTJ but experiences clashes of INFJ (Mostly when out drinking, so could just be repressed emotions). I've found it hard coming to terms with myself, I find myself emotional yet logical, even before I got both results on the MBTI. Could it just be a rationality that you understand everyone has emotions? That even if you do analyse and plan, that you realise not everyone else does? Or could it just be upbringing? My mother was a very kind and caring person, but always kept her opinion to herself unless provoked. She would always care about peoples emotions, where-as my father is the smartest, most logical person I have ever met. He always does what he thinks would be the best course of action, no matter how harsh it may feel, even to the point of making himself feel upset just so the outcome will be better. Sorry I haven't answered anything, I wondered if anyone else could help explain why I may be feeling confused about this. Hopefully it'll help talking to someone who feels like-minded or understanding about how I'm feeling.

dustrealm (not verified) says...

I can relate to so much that has been said here. I have taken many of these tests. Some days I get INFJ and others I get INTJ. It depends on my mood and what type of questions I get asked. Many times during these tests I am thinking, "can't it be both?" I have also taken a written personality test and my T/F came out exactly equal. On that test there were some questions that could go either way so I took the test again and answered differently to some of the questions. It came out exactly equal again. The point? I am both and I am ok with that. In fact I am estatic! I have the best of both worlds. I didn't always feel this way though. It took me a long time to realize that having a unique personality can be amazing. Though I may feel excluded most times, I think I offer a different perspective that no one else has as well as an insight to humanity that gives me a super power. 

I can relate to "Marsha" who said that she is not surprised by people telling her things that she already knew sometimes months in advance. This happens to me all the time. I read people--their vibes, emotions, body, actions--I put them together with my intuition and logic and come to a conclusion. I will put that in a file in my mind and pull it out later when events play out. A lot of people are shocked by this and it scares them. So I've learned to keep many of these conclusions to myself. But a couple of my friends actually seek me out for my insight and get a kick out of my predictions (I have never been wrong--ever). 

So, can you be both? Absolutely!! And don't be afraid to be it either. When you embrace it and start to develop it using your intuition you will open a whole new world for yourself (I sound like a dang Disney movie, which logically I loathe and emotionally I love--haha).

Dreamer123 (not verified) says...

I think we are INFJ that mimics other personality trait because of whats our surrounding feeding us in our concious or subconcious minds in which is our cue of who, what we desire , and maybe depends on priorities , parents , beliefs, relationships etc. just to fit in our society , although my heart tells me i am INFJ , and my mind and actually my current personality test INTJ , but when i got into an relationship last year i got an INFP result .

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