I did many jobs since 2007 after completing Masters degree in Econonomics. The 1st thing is after completing Economics since last last 7 to eight year I am confused. In my student life more then economics I did studied English Literature & our local Pakistani literature. Since last 5 to 6 years I am continuously studying Psychology, human behaviour & mind sciences. I'm a good singer & also a God gifted artist.
I think I might become a great artist, sometime I think I may be a. Good singer but on the other side I think I'm a good teacher bcz I know the students psychology & have the ability make their studies easier & intestine for them.
What should I do?


Matt Gusick (not verified) says...

Hi -

Based on your information above, I would love to see you teach psychology. Art and music are wonderful, and I think you should pursue those too, but as they say in America, "don't quit your day job."

dunkie22 says...

I am an adjunct instructor at a local university. I teach special education classes. I too do everything I can to avoid stress and allow the students to think and learn. I find it very rewarding. I believe I do a good job and often am told by students how much they appreciate my passion for what I do and for sharing it with them. So, maybe you should look into it.

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