So I got borderline for every personality aspect. I have used other websites and I don't relate too much to my results aside from being introverted. I think it's kind of funny, does it happen a lot/ advice?
(I put INTP just cos you have to)


Guest (not verified) says...

Mine is the same, It said I could be anything. I wonder if this doesn't work as well on older people who have lived through a lot of trial and error in their life. You figure out that you can't be one "type" all the time.

sharpnackm says...

The types don't represent labels for "who you are" all the time. Rather, they represent tendencies. Do you tend more to be interested in things outside you, and observing them, or do you tend more to be interested in your own ideas (sensing vs. Intuition). The key word is tend. Or, another way to state it is: what is more comfortable to you, or what is more natural.

We all, throughout life, use all of the traits at various times and to various degrees. The type is a matter of which ones do you more naturally enjoy/feel comfortable with/ tend to do.

It can be a little complex, and can take some deeper understanding of what the different things actually mean in order to truly understand it. I had a similar experience, where I was scoring really close on several different types. Once I researched it some more and thought about it, I am now fully convinced of my type, and it is really accurate.

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